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A Minor Set Back

by Meghann on April 19, 2012

So I discovered a minor set back in following the Tone it Up Bikini Challenge Series this morning.

Well, first of all the emails stopped coming to my inbox. I checked the spam folder and didn’t see them there. No big deal, I can just contact the email manager and fix that. I also tweeted with a couple of other girls who had the same problem, so maybe it’s not just me?

The email error isn’t really the set back. The set back is that I go to bed not knowing what the workout is going to be and am not sure when to get up (I usually wake up earlier when it’s a gym morning since I have to drive). Also, I like to get my workouts in early and this morning I was pressing refresh on the Tone It Up website over and over again waiting for today’s workout plan to be posted.

I finally gave up 15 minutes in and took Maddie for a long two mile walk around the neighborhood (p.s. Maddie is a way more distracted walker than she is a runner. When we run together, she’s all about running. She’ll maybe stop to poop or pee, but there is no sniffing or stalling – just running. As a walker, she has to sniff out the entire neighborhood.). When I returned – and the workout still wasn’t posted – I decided I would just do it at lunch.

I made breakfast instead.


I had picked up a new (to me) hot cereal from the store last night to try. Sometimes it’s fun to change it up from the normal routine of oats.


I made the hot cereal as I would any bowl of oats – 1/3 cup hot cereal, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 milk, dash of salt, heavy cinnamon, dried cherries, and a teaspoon of chia seeds in a small pot over medium heat – then topped the bowl off with a spoonful of pumpkin butter, peanut butter, fresh strawberries, and one of last night’s 10 Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies.


The buckwheat hot cereal was a little mushier than regular oats, but I liked it. I wouldn’t mind using the mix to make pancakes, I bet it would make awesome pancakes. :)


After I finished my breakfast today’s bikini challenge workout finally posted. Since it was a short one, I made the quick decision to just complete it on a full stomach in my living room. Not as picturesque as the beach the Tone it Up girls are seen doing the workout on in the video, but I like to work with what I’ve got. ;)


Today’s workout (found here) was called The Bikini Strap Workout and focused on the chest, arms, and upper body. The Ultimate Arm & Back Toner move was killer with my 5 lb weights, but I think I need to invest in some heavier weight sets for the chest flys and triceps & booty combo if I’m going to continue to do these workouts at home. The 5 pounders felt way too light and I know I can do better. There’s a Play It Again Sports right down the street that I may check out later or I’ll try to hit up Target if they have nothing there. :)

I think for the future I may just hold off on a day and be a day behind on the Tone it Up workouts for my own peace of mind. Part of me likes the surprise, the other part likes knowing what’s ahead so I can plan in advance. ;)

What equipment is your at-home gym made up of? I have a set of 3-lb and a set of 5-lb dumbbells, as well as 10-lb and 15-lb kettlebells, a yoga mat, and some stretchy bands I really have no idea what to do with. :)

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