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Makes Me Smile

by Meghann on April 16, 2012

Nothing makes me smile more than flipping open a magazine and seeing a good friend featured inside. :)


Major congrats goes to Callie for being featured in this month’s Women’s Running Magazine!! I knew this was coming, but it didn’t make it any less special than when I opened the magazine and spotted her there. Go Callie! :)

P.S. The latest issue of Women’s Running Magazine is awesome. As was the latest issue of Runner’s World. My personal favorite was Bart Yasso’s article ‘Running with the Amish.‘ If you haven’t read it yet, check it out HERE. My favorite part was the Amish ultra Ragnar Relay team that came in first place. Bad. Ass.



A pretty and simple lunch.

I toasted my last whole wheat english muffin and decided to go the open-face route with fig jam, spinach, provolone cheese, and walnuts.


On the side I had carrots and green beans with hummus.



Bridal Shower Questions

I’m writing up questions for the “How well do you know the bride” game for my sister’s bridal shower on Saturday. I have a few I’m working on, but I’m curious as to what are some of the best “How well do you know the bride” questions YOU’VE heard at a bridal shower before. They don’t have to be anything specific, but general fun, creative ones that were a little out of the box and made the crowd really think or made them really laugh. :)

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