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In Time

by Meghann on April 13, 2012

Don’t see this movie.


It was bad. Very bad.

Admittedly Justin Timberlake was nice to look at, but the story never pulled me in. Instead of losing myself in the plot line, I spent the majority of the movie picking everything apart. There were too many holes and most parts were either too predictable or just plain didn’t make sense. It was a waste of two hours (which is ironic considering the time theme of the movie).

Has anyone else seen In Time? Thoughts?

The movie was bad, but dinner was good.


Good, but not perfect. I wanted to share a recipe for bean burgers that included crushed pretzels in place of bread crumbs, but I didn’t have enough pretzels (mistake #1) and ended up throwing random things from the fridge in the mix to make up for it (mistake #2). The final burger wasn’t bad, but i couldn’t tell you how I got to it. It ended up being a lot of “a little of this” and “a little of that” to make it work.


Along with the bean burger, I had rutabaga fries with ketchup and two mini pickles.


Rutabaga fries for the win!


I have a route mapped out for tomorrow morning with a big 2-0 marker at the end. Yikes! All I need to do is make it through these 20 miles, then it’s taper time! Motivation? You bet.

Good Night!

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