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Playing Dress Up

by Meghann on April 12, 2012

Good Morning!

I feel like I’m playing dress up this week.


When I started working for myself last year, yoga pants and comfy tank tops became my ‘office’ norm. Much of my more traditional business attire was shoved to the back of my closet and hasn’t been touched since. When I was packing for my trip, I had to dust a few pieces off. It was actually pretty fun discovering this whole extension of my wardrobe I had essentially forgotten about. Sometimes I miss dressing up for an office everyday (actually, I think I miss seeing the people more). Even though my office was pretty casual (it was a software development company, so baseball caps, jeans, and t-shirts were considered acceptable in the very loose ‘dress code’), I still made a point to look my best.

If you’re interested… I have a page dedicated to a few of my favorite office themed posts. Check it out HERE.

We had another early call time this morning (7:15am), which meant I had another early morning in the onsite fitness center. Up at 5:10, treadmill by 5:30, back in my room by 6:30, and showered and dressed by 7:00. Done.


  • 5 min Warm-up
  • 8 x 400 @ 8.0 w/ 1 min rests @ 6.0
  • 3 min Cool Down

Total: 3.5 miles, 30 minutes

Plus bonus ab work with the stability ball.

Today’s breakfast set-up included mini bagels, hand fruit, and assorted cream cheeses, jams and peanut butter.


I selected the peanut butter cream cheese, but it didn’t taste very peanut buttery to me. The everything bagel was good though.


My first plate didn’t fill me up at all, so I went back for an orange with peanut butter.


Much better. :)


We have a full agenda ahead of us today.


Non-stop sessions until 6:00pm, then I’m on my way back to Tampa. :)

What’s the attire norm at your office? (and I use the term ‘office’ very loosely here) Formal business attire? Casual business attire? Super casual?

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