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by Meghann on April 6, 2012

I love it when Orlando friends come to visit. :)

Or… you know.. I love when they just happen to be in town for the Frozen Four and are free to meet for lunch. Hey! I’ll take when I can get!

Hi Danielle!


Danielle is said Orlando friend who just happened to be in town for the Frozen Four and was looking for a good place for lunch. I told her she had to try Cafe Hey and that I would see her there.


I <3 Cafe Hey. It’s a tiny little place in a not-so-great area of town that just happens to have the best kale salad in Tampa.

Of course, after talking up the kale salad, they were out of it. Boo. They did have regular ole garden salad, which was extra yummy with the homemade hummus.


Also, the festival turkey sandwich (turkey, cheese, cranberry relish, and dijon mustard) was pretty delish as well. I’m pretty much sold on any turkey sandwich that includes cranberry relish. ;)


Danielle and I played catch up before she had to jet back to her friends in downtown. I stayed behind to take advantage of Cafe Hey’s free WiFi (another reason Cafe Hey rocks) and enjoy an iced coffee (they serve Buddy Brew here! <- best coffee in Tampa!)


The chocolate biscotti was calling my name as well.


Worth it. :)

In other news…. Kelly and I FINALLY booked our flights to Cincinnati for Flying Pig! It’s coming up – less than a month to go!

  • Registration
  • Hotel
  • Flight
  • Train

Gulp. There’s no backing out now. Come May 5th, we’re running a marathon!!

What’s your next big race?

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