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Runner Down

by Meghann on April 4, 2012

*Warning* This post includes a photo of a bloody knee. Skim photos at your own risk. ;)

It’s never a good sign when your morning run ends with this.


Yep. I had a big fall. Bloody knee and all.

The run started out great. I had 8 miles on deck at sub-goal pace (my goal pace for Flying Pig is 8:55 min/mi), but was naturally hovering around an 8:30 min/mi pace. I saw another runner running with their JRT (who looked like Maddie’s twin!), stopped for water at my favorite water fountain, and was just mentally counting down the miles until I was home.

Right before my Garmin beeped for mile 7 my foot hit the edge of the sidewalk, I lost my balance, and I went tumbling to the ground. Well, it wasn’t really a tumble – more of a loud thud as my knee and hands smacked the ground at virtually the same time. Ouch.

The pain in my left knee and hands came instantly, as did the blood. I knew I had hit it petty good and I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. I’m such a cry baby when it comes to scrapes and bruises from falling. It’s as if the fall was my excuse to let every piece of emotion thad had been building up inside me for so long explode. I sat on the sidewalk for a good 5 minutes having my own little pity party.

Deep down I was hoping someone would stop their car and offer me a ride home, but no such luck. I was a little more than a mile from my house, with a bloody knee that was throbbing and broken down in tears. I got up, brushed the dirt off, and started limping home. I made it a couple of block before I realized this would be a faster process if I just ran, so I did.

The pain actually subsided when I started running, but I could still feel the blood trickling down my leg. I focused on the drivers’ faces as they drove pass me and watched as a good majority of them zeroed in on the bloody mess that was my knee. I must have looked like a hot mess – covered in gravel, tear streaked face, and a bloody knee with a stream of blood that had almost found its way to my sock line. Classy.


I refused to look at my knee until I got home. There really wouldn’t have been a point to. I knew there was blood and I knew there was nothing I could do about it until I made it to my front door.

Once home, I went straight to the medicine cabinet (after stopping to take a bloody photo, of course)


5 minutes later I was good as new.


Sort of. The knee is cleaned up, but it’s still throbbing. I currently have a pillow under it on the couch with a bag of ice on top. It was a pretty good smack, so I’m going to try and keep off of it as much as possible today and see how it feels tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed that it was just a scrape and nothing else. :/

Post-fall recovery breakfast.


Smoothie mix:

  • frozen cherries
  • ice
  • milk
  • greek yogurt
  • peanut butter
  • chocolate whey protein powder
  • spinach


The chocolate cherry smoothie tasted like a milkshake. :)


And a chocolate VitaTop with peanut butter and walnuts because chocolate makes everything better, right?


This wasn’t my first bad fall during a run (I once scraped my knee at mile 1 of a 20 mile run) and it probably won’t be my last. I’m a klutz and these falls just come with the territory.

Klutzy runners unite!

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