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Wedding: The Other Proposals

by Meghann on April 3, 2012

It’s funny the little secrets that tend to come out after your fiance proposes.

After Derek proposed in January, I not only learned what went into selecting my ring, but I also learned a couple of the other scenarios that Derek had originally pitched to our friends and family on how exactly he wanted to pop the question.

Here are two of my favorites.

Proposal scenario #1: The Disney Marathon Proposal


I was suspicious about this one from the start.

This proposal idea came about after I ran the Disney Marathon back in January 2010 (yes, a full TWO YEARS before he eventually put a ring on it). That was when the ‘running bug’ hit Derek. Sort of. He made this big proclamation the same month that the following year he wanted to run the marathon with me. He even told the shoe guy that his ultimate goal was to run the Disney Marathon when he was fitted for his first real pair of running shoes the next month. It was a long term goal that he hoped to build himself up to over the next year.

He started out feeling strong with a great finish time at his first 15k, then summertime hit and the hot and humid weather forced him to take a break from running. The deeper into summer it got, the less and less he talked about the Disney marathon. He eventually ran his first half marathon that fall at the Wine and Dine, but the running bug had left him and so did his desire to run the full that January. The Disney marathon came and went and Derek slept soundly through it.  

I was suspicious of all of this because I knew that deep down Derek had no desire to run a marathon. When he first started talking about running it, I told more than a few people that I bet he’s only running it to propose. As time went on – and I knew he wasn’t running it – I almost forgot about about the whole proposal idea I had dreamt up in my head. Then he did propose and the truth came out – he had been planning to propose at the finish line! I knew it!

That was his original idea – run the Disney Marathon and propose at the end. Then he started training and realized he had gotten way ahead of himself. As he told me… “Yeah, that was a crazy idea. Me? Run a marathon? Ha.” *side note: he totally could run a marathon if he really wanted to, but that’s another discussion for another day.* Anyways, after running his first half, he bailed on the marathon and bailed on the proposal idea.

Proposal scenario #2: Sky diving


This one makes me laugh, only because when Derek tells the story of how he was going to do it, he acts it out in character and it cracks me up every time.

I guess this idea came from a Groupon deal he received in his inbox one day. He wanted to buy the deal and take me skydiving. He knew I had jumped once before and figured a good excuse to go would be that he had never gone before and wanted to try it too.

This is where Derek acting it out in person really adds to the charm of the story. Just imagine him pretending like he is falling (arms waving in the air, exaggerated movements, etc.) while mouthing out the words “Will…. you… marry… me?” in slow motion and realizing that wouldn’t work.

His other idea was even better. We would both jump, land safely on the ground, and then run to each other. Then, still full of adrenaline and happiness, (Again, you have to picture Derek acting this out) he would pretend he was breathless screaming “OH MY GOD… THAT WAS…” then fall to one knee, pull the ring out and propose.

His problem was A) figuring out where to put the ring during the jump and B) working up the actual courage to jump. Great in theory, but scary in real life!

In the end, Derek went the Ragnar Relay proposal route and I’m so glad he did. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. :)


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