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Wedding: Building our Wedding Site

by Meghann on April 2, 2012

Before I got engaged, I had this vision of creating my own wedding website via WordPress. I mean, wedding websites aren’t that complicated, right? I thought I could set up the wedding website like a blog, with all of the important information separated into various pages and various updates for guests could be updated via the blog portion of the site. It was a grand plan, but after I became engaged, I knew it wasn’t going to be reality.

When it came time to actually build and create the website, I decided easier was better – and pre-designed wedding websites are definitely easier. :)

But, with so many different options out there – how do you choose?

Here’s just a handful of what I looked at – some free and some not so free.

And here is what I was looking for:

  • Free!!
  • Easy to use
  • A fun template that fit our snowy theme
  • Password protected

Honestly, I wasn’t really looking for the bells and whistles. I knew we weren’t doing online RSVPs and a majority of our guests probably wouldn’t even look at the website (I love my family, but they don’t love the internet as much as I do). So, with that information in mind, I knew we could probably go with any of the (free) sites and be happy.

So which did we choose?


Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 12.04.22 PM.png

Mainly because I’ve been a fan of WeddingWire from the beginning and it just made sense to use their services for this, since their my go-to for everything else anyways. I’ve seen a trend where certain brides seem to attach themselves to one of the ‘big’ wedding sites (i.e. some brides swear by The Knot, some brides love Wedding Bee, and some just cruise the blogs). Me? I loveWedding Wire. I like their reviews, I like their community, and I like that they had a snow themed wedding website template.

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 12.03.28 PM.png

Pretty, right? ;)

Alright, so we picked a site and a template…. now what?

What information did you include on your wedding website? Or – more importantly – what are you favorite sections to read on other couple’s wedding websites?

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