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by Meghann on March 29, 2012

Good Morning!

^I almost wrote ‘Happy Wednesday’ #Fail… It’s Thursday! ;)^

Let’s see…







When we were at the Parkesdale Farm Market yesterday I almost didn’t buy a loaf of the strawberry swirl bread because – as I told I Diana – I knew I was just going to end up eating the whole loaf by myself (Derek isn’t a big sweet bread/cake/cupcake eater unless it’s chocolate). Diana told me it was a big ditto on her end, she was buying a loaf of strawberry bread and predicted that she was the only one that was going to eat it. What’s with our guys not digging the sweet stuff?

I ended up going back for the bread last minute because it really did look good and I wanted to try it. If Derek ate any, great. If not, I’ll just make sure the enjoy every bite.

I pulled the strawberry swirl out for breakfast and had a couple of slices with a drizzle of almond butter. I had placed the bread under the broiler for a few minutes to warm it up and give it a little toast. Wow. Warm strawberry bread is really the way to go. ;)


I sliced up a golden delicious apple on the side


with a PB2 dip


mmmm….. ;)


Is your significant other a sweets lover or do you find that you’re the one that ends up finishing off the baked goods? Or is it the opposite?

I LOVE desserts – ALL desserts – but Derek believes dessert should be chocolate and chocolate only. Anything fruit themed doesn’t count. Those mango cupcakes I made on Sunday? He didn’t touch them. But the Moose Tracks Ice Cream in the freezer? He finished the container last night.

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