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When you gotta go…

by Meghann on March 22, 2012

Want to know a little secret? When I first started running, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Training plans? The Galloway method? Couch to 5k? Specific running shoes? I had no idea any of those things existed. I just ran – figuring out the other stuff came much, much later.

Back then I wasn’t even sure my mid-run stops at random porta potties, gas stations, or even in the woods off the side of the road (don’t judge – we’ve all had those moments!) were normal. At the time, I didn’t have any friends who ran and I was too embarrassed to talk about it. It was months before I met my first running buddy (Hi Caitlin!) and realized I was not alone. Those mid-run stops are completely normal, especially with beginning runners.

Over time, the need for mid-run stops began to fade away. As my body got used to the idea of running, so did my stomach. It was something that happened gradually and I’m not sure if I can pinpoint it to anything besides the fact that my tummy just learned to go before hand or to just hold it. However, not every run is perfect. I still have flare ups and this morning was no exception.

Speedwork was on the plan for this morning. 6×800 @10k pace w/ 400 rests. I’m not going to lie, the run was tougher than I wanted it to be. I haven’t been keeping up with my speed training and I could feel it. Trying to hold a 7:30 pace for half a mile was painful and I kept missing the goals for my intervals. Not good.

With a mile left, my tummy wasn’t doing me any favors. I was suddenly struck with the ‘I need to go NOW!‘ feeling and had to give myself a couple of (un-timed) breaks to take a few deep breaths and to get my tummy under control. I basically ended up waddling the last 1/2 mile and couldn’t get in the door fast enough.

Even if you have a hundred great runs, you never know when tummy disaster can strike. It gets the best of all of us.

Post-run, I felt a lot better and was ready to tackle the day – starting with figuring out what the heck to do with the case of mangos currently on my counter.

First up? Mango Almond Butter Toast


I thought of this on my run. First I slathered a layer of fig butter from the new jar I picked up at Trader Joe’s on Sunday.


The fig butter tasted just like the inside of a Fig Newton – I liked it. ;)

Then I added the fresh slices of mango and drizzled them with the (still runny) almond butter and a few walnut pieces.


The combo was pretty decadent and very filling. The perfect post-run breakfast treat.


Don’t forget! You can enter to win your own case of Whole Foods mangos by leaving a comment on THIS post.

I still have more mango ideas up my sleeves. I hope Derek is ready for the mango fiesta that’s about to take over our house. ;)

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