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A Little Bit of Everything

by Meghann on March 22, 2012

I think lunch may be my favorite meal of the day.


It’s my favorite because there generally isn’t much thought process that goes into it. Just open the fridge, figure out what there is, and make a random meal accordingly. No need to worry about what someone else thinks or whether there’s enough for two – it’s just me and I like that. :)


I had fun with today’s lunch. I literally just kept pulling things from the fridge until I reached a full plate of food. First up was the hummus that I paired with carrot sticks and pretzels.


Then I found the rest of yesterday’s veggies and dumped that on the plate too.


I originally pulled the tortillas out with the intention of cutting one into quarters and dipping it in the hummus, but then I found some cheese and figured a mini quesadilla would be even better.


Random. Delicious. Filling. :)

Bridal Shower Update

THANK YOU for all of your wonderful bridal shower advice on Monday! I spent a good portion of the ride home on Tuesday researching bridal shower themes and I think we’re doing a picnic theme for the party.

A modern picnic with a purple twist. ;)

It would be fun to go all out with a setup similar to this…

But it’s too hot in April in Florida and I’m not sure any of the grandmothers, great aunts, or anyone in a dress would appreciate sitting in the grass. Still – a fun idea. :)

I’m still going over some ideas for the menu and games with the other bridesmaids (we can’t give everything away!), but it’s nice to have a theme to tie everything back to!

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