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Good-bye, Atlanta!

by Meghann on March 20, 2012

And we’re off!


I have a confession to make. The truth is I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Atlanta. Both times I’ve stayed here in the past were pretty blah experiences. I think it may have more to do with the fact that we stayed downtown over anything else. We just never felt very safe and didn’t think there was too much to do.

However, this trip may have turned my opinion about Atlanta around. We stayed on the outskirts of town (near Sandy Springs) and pretty much stayed clear of downtown the entire time. I ended up learning things about Atlanta I didn’t know about before, like how close the blue ridge mountains are, where to find the decent restaurants, or even where to get our shop on. THIS Atlanta is the one I could see everyone going crazy for, not the other one from my past.

I was particularly a fan of the location of our hotel. Not only was there so much within walking distance around us, but we were right in the middle of a great area to run. There were tons of neighborhoods that were full of great sidewalks and I had no problem discovering new running routes both mornings we were here.

This morning, instead of making a left out of our hotel, I made a right and found a new loop to run. The big loop took me about 4.5 miles around the area. I ended up passing a dozen or more runners along the way and never felt unsafe or out of place. It was a great run that ended much too quickly. :)

When I made it back to the hotel I took a quick shower then headed to the lobby to see what I could piece together for breakfast.


“Is it weird if I take a whole jar of almond butter downstairs to breakfast?”



I picked up a jar of almond butter with sea salt from Trader Joe’s on Sunday and couldn’t wait to open it. I knew it would make an excellent addition to this morning’s oats. ;)

The rest of the mix:

  • 2 packets of original instant oats
  • strawberry jam
  • 1apple


The almond butter was what took the bowl from just ok to yum!

We met Derek’s Papi for one final visit at Steak ‘N Shake before we left. Since the visit was at an odd time, I just had an applesauce and decided to save my appetite for later.


We picked up lunch on our way out of town from a vegetarian cafe I found on Yelp called World Peace Cafe.


This was such a cute place. They had a full vegetarian menu, a great tea selections, and just had a peaceful hippie vibe to it. It was definitely a place I could see myself settling down and working at for hours if it was in Tampa. :)

I ordered the peace burger salad.


It was basically their ‘famous’ peace burger (veggie burger) on top of a bed of greens, tomato, carrots, beets, and onion. I asked for the honey mustard dressing on the side, but it really didn’t need it. The bean burger was pretty juicy and the tomatoes, beets, and carrots were all lightly coated in oil and vinegar with salt and pepper. The salad was delicious.


Between my trip to Austin last week and to the trip to Atlanta this week, I’m pretty much over eating out. I’m looking forward to getting home and food for Derek and I . Not only do I miss eating my own food, I also miss my kitchen!

We’re on the road now and should be home later tonight. I have my mobile hotspot ready to go next to me and a ton of work to keep my occupied – something tells me this drive is going to fly by. ;)

What was your favorite car game to play as a kid?

We used to play the alphabet candy game – where you start with the letter A and have to think of a candy that starts with A, then the next person thinks of a candy that starts with a B (while restating the ‘A’ candy), and so on, and so on, until you each z.:)

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