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I missed it

by Meghann on March 15, 2012

Good Morning!

When I left for Austin last Tuesday I thought I was being good. I wrote out the next couple of New Rules of Lifting workouts, folded them up, placed them in my bag, and swore I would sneak one or two in while I was away. That was a nice little dream I had, but it definitely wasn’t reality.

In truth, squeezing the NROLFW workouts in on the road really wasn’t possible. The workouts require free weights and machines (though ‘technically’ the book claims these workouts could be done at home, I’m not sure how that is possible without a set of free weights on hand) and I didn’t have access to either on the trip. Our hotel gyms were all bare and mainly just housed a cardio machine or two.

So I held off on the NROLFW workouts and took a mini break. After really wanting to just run yesterday, this morning was the first chance I’ve had to do the workouts.


I completed Stage 7-5 and was more than happy to be back in the weight room of my gym. The workout actually seemed to go faster this time around, maybe because I was just so excited to be at it again? I attacked each move and even chatted it up with my gym friends to fill them in on where I had been. It was a great morning that reminded me why working out is so much fun.

Does anyone else daydream about their next meal at the gym? Just me?


This morning my breakfast daydream was all about the left over cornbread I had in the fridge. I wanted to turn it into something fabulous and decided a PB2 ‘sauce’ (just PB2 thinned with extra milk) would be the best best. I covered the cornbread in the sauce, then topped it with raisins and walnuts.


The combination was fabulous.


A fresh peach was served on the side.


The peach was perfect for extra sauce cleanup. ;)

Any Pretty Little Liar fans our there?

I just caught up on the last episode and can’t believe they’re revealing who A is next week! Any guesses who it might be? Right now it could literally be anyone!

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