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We Have Arrived

by Meghann on March 9, 2012

We made it! SXSW 2012 baby!


We arrived in Austin a little later than planned thanks to some traffic and hotel issues. We had just enough time to throw our stuff in the hotel room before heading out to Chevy’s Road Trip Welcome Party.


Team Fresh Squeezed = VIPs ;)


Each team had a 5 minute interview with the Chevy social crew, then we were free to mingle with the other teams and Chevy execs.


My favorite part of the evening was the slideshow they put together featuring each of the teams’ journeys.


It gave us a chance to see what the other teams were up to on the road.

IMG_0235.JPG IMG_0236.JPG

We thought we could eat at the party and call it dinner, but we had no such luck.


I made a plate of the small bites, but it wasn’t enough to fill me up. I decided to hold off and just grab something later.


However, there was no shortage of alcohol. The Chevy team created custom cocktails for each of the teams. They all sounded great, but I’m really not one cocktails. A nice Shiner Bock was all I needed.



I’ve learned an important lesson this trip – it’s a small internet world out there. I had never met Joshua or Nick before this trip, but we had a lot of friends and acquaintances in common thanks to social media. I think now a days it’s hard to go to any social media event without knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone OR finding someone you already follow.

Tonight I proved that point when I met Meg, who I actually just started following last week when I read her awesome write-up on runDisney’s success in promoting the Princess Half Marathon via various social media outlets. She randomly works on the Chevy account and wanted to say hi. We spent the majority of the night talking about running and Tampa (she’s went to USF!) and I think I may have found a running buddy for the weekend. ;)


We stayed at the party until they kicked us out (at 10), then headed back to the hotel for a ‘real’ dinner. We stopped at Wal-Mart and I enjoyed a semi-real dinner thanks to Kashi.


Eh. It worked.


J and I split a dark chocolate bar for dessert.


Now that the long drive is behind us, it’s time to have some fun!

Bring it on SXSW! We’re ready for you!

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