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New Rules of Lifting for Women Stage 6 Recap

by Meghann on February 21, 2012

And another stage bites the dust.


Well, that didn’t take long. I swear these stages keep getting shorter and shorter!

Stage 6 is considered the ‘bonus stage’ of New Rules of Lifting For Women. The author gives you the option of skipping the stage and moving straight to Stage 7 or pursuing it with the goal of successfully completing one unassisted pull-up at the end. I was up for the challenge and decided to take Stage 6 head on.


So, with that, I guess the big question is….Did the stage work? Was I able to complete an unassisted pull-up at the end?

Well, no, but I did get closer to completing one than I ever have before. Progress is progress and I bet one more round of Stage 6 (which I debated doing) would have made it possible. Maybe I’ll go back for round 2 once I’m done. :)

The Workouts

Stage 6 was a little different than the previous stages because the two workouts didn’t match up. Workout 1 (Stage 6A) only had 4 workouts with an A, B and 2 Cs, while workout 2 (Stage 6B) had 5 workouts with 3As and 2Bs. Usually the stages have an A, 2 Bs, 2Cs, and a D. From the outside, these numbers make the workouts seem short, but a higher numbers of reps and sets actually made them longer.

What really, really killed me were the 10 sets of underhand-grip lat pulldowns. Since the reps were low (only 2!) I was able to go heavier on the weight, but 10 sets of the heavier weights (with limited rests in between) were brutal. Plus, I felt kinda funny taking up the machine for such a long period of time. There were times where the rest times had to be longer because I was trading off the machine with someone else or had to stop and explain why I was only doing 2 reps at a time. Ha!



Stage 6
Workout A
Underhand-Grip Lat Pulldown Workout 1 70 lbs
Workout 5 85 lbs
Barbell Split Squat Workout 1 40 lbs
Workout 5 80 lbs
Workout B
Reverse Lunge w/ One Dumbell on Shoulder Workout 1 15 lbs
Workout 5 25 lbs
Dumbell Two-Point Row Workout 1 15 lbs
Workout 5 20 lbs
Dumbell Push Press Workout 1 15 lbs
Workout 5 20 lbs
Back Extension Workout 1 10 lbs
Workout 5 25 lbs

*Note these are not all of the workouts from the plan, these are just the ones where I could track my weight increases.

There wasn’t too much wiggle room since the number of reps came down only as the number of sets went up.


5/26/11 7/15/11 8/22/11 10/18/11 11/27/11 1/2/12 2/16/12
Chest 34in 34in 34in 33in 33in 33in 33in
Right Bicep 11in 11.25in 11.25in 11.75in 11.75in 11.85in 11.8in
Left Bicep 10.75in 11.15in 11.15in 11.5in 11.75in 11.8in 11.8in
Waist 31in 30.25in 30in 29in 29in 27.5in 27in
Hips 39in 38.65in 38.4in 38.1in 38in 37.5in 37.25in
Right Thigh 21.5in 21.30in 21in 20.75in 20.75in 20.5in 20.5in
Left Thigh 21in 21in 20.80in 20.75in 20.75in 20.75in 20.5in
Just a few changes here and there. There are never drastic changes in the measurements numbers, just small gradual drops over time.


(see complete set of photos and stage recaps here)

NROLFW Stage 5 Recap.png
End of Stage 6 Photos 2/20/12

IMG_7224.JPG IMG_7236.JPG IMG_7233.JPG

Not many changes, but it’s always hard to tell in the stage-to-stage shots. Plus, we’re almost to the last stage and I’m genuinely happy with the transformation to my body thus far.

Especially the transformation to my arms and shoulders – which allowed me to rock the blue sweetheart number at my brother’s wedding this weekend – talk about a huge confidence booster to keep the strength training routine up until my own wedding next year.


(p.s. my mom is almost done with stage 1 and looks pretty rockin’ herself! ;) )

Final Thoughts

I had written our a whole two paragraphs here before pressing publish ate everything up. No I’m having a huge brain fart and can’t remember a lick of what I said. Isn’t that how it always go?

I guess I can say that even though Stage 6 didn’t result in an unassisted pull-up – I’m ok with it. That’s just a goal I’ll have to keep reaching for and hope to achieve one day. Until then, I’m ready for the new adventure that Stage 7 will bring and can’t wait to see this program through to the end!

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