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My Favorite Low-Calorie Coffee Drinks

by Meghann on February 9, 2012

I have a confession to make. Over the course of the year I went from coffee hater to coffee drinker. I survived high school, college, my first job, and even several 4:30am wake-up calls for long runs without drinking a drop, but as soon as I became self employed – and began working from coffee shops – the coffee love took over.

It started innocently enough with a BBC Caramello from Buddy Brew Coffee that led to a non-fat iced coffee from Starbucks to a latte from Sophie’s to a string of various other espresso and brewed coffee drinks from all over.


Oh yes. Now I look at these fancy coffee drinks with a look of longing. Hello, beautiful latte – why must you taste so good?


The problem is, this new-found addiction comes with a hefty price tag for both my wallet and my waistline. I can justify the price of the coffee because I’m technically ‘renting’ the coffee shop space and the ‘free’ wifi with my purchase, but the empty calories? Those were starting to take their toll.

When I noticed I was gaining weight this fall, one of the things I looked to cut back on was my new coffee intake. A cup of black coffee isn’t bad, but if you throw in the yummy steamed milk, froth, and various other fun elements – it begins to add up.

Here’s a few of my low(er) calorie ‘fun’ coffee faves

(calorie counts via

Grande Non-Fat Latte

Calories: 130

Description: espresso in steam milk with foam.

Tip: Top with cinnamon for a little spice. Do NOT top with nutmeg – it kills the foam.

Grande Non-Fat Cappuccino

Calories: 80

Description: espresso in steam milk with foam

Tip: Pick the cappuccino over the latte. There’s more espresso, less steamed milk, and more froth which is why the calorie count is a bit lower. Plus it tastes the same to me. :)

Tall Non-Fat Misto with Dark Roast

Calories: 60

Description: Brewed coffee with steamed milk

Tip: The darker roast is a bit richer in flavor and semi-resembles the espresso for a fake out latte or cappuccino at a lower price tag.

Grande Non-Fat Unsweetened Iced Coffee

Calories: Unknown. The calculator only spits out for sweetened version on Starbucks.

Description: coffee over ice

Tip: If you want it sweetened, ask for a single pump of sweetener instead of the traditional three or four. You still get the sweetened taste you desire, but you’re not being hit with as many calories. Also, request the coffee black and add your own milk so you can control how much goes in.

All of these drinks are sweetener free. I’m actually not a huge fan of sweetened tea or coffee and usually make a face when I try a sip of Derek’s coffee concoctions (he does two creamers and two splendas in a regular cup). To be fair, he makes a face when he tries my drinks too. :)


What are your favorite light(er) coffee options? Are you a sweet coffee drinker? Just milk? Straight up black?

From coffee to lunch.


Random salad for the win. :)


  • mixed greens
  • stir-fry mix of brussels sprouts, carrots, and turkey
  • goat cheese
  • avocado
  • salsa


Lightly toasted tortilla.


Brides Against Breast Cancer

My good friend Rachel introduced me to the Bride Against Breast Cancer organization a couple of weeks ago and I immediately emailed them regarding upcoming volunteer opportunities. Unfortunately their Tampa event falls on the same weekend as my brother’s wedding, so I won’t be able to volunteer in person, but I’m more than happy to help get the word out.

Screen shot 2012-02-09 at 2.25.42 PM.png

If you are a Tampa Bay area bride-to-be looking for a dress, I urge you to check the Brides Against Breast Cancer Wedding Gown Sale next weekend. All the donated dresses are marked at a reduced price and proceeds help ensure that people impacted by cancer have the resources and information they need in their battle with cancer.

And if you’re not a bride in the Tampa area, check out the list of upcoming shows for opportunities to donate your own dress, volunteer, or attend a show in your area.

This is a great cause and I look forward to working with this organization more in the future!

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