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Too Old For Birthdays?

by Meghann on February 8, 2012

I’m no stranger to negative comments. Trust me I’ve seen them all come through. I’ve been picked and pulled apart on everything from my grammar to my weight to my hair to my relationships to everything under the sun. I’ve read them and I’ve moved on. If I took each of them personally then they would have beat me down a long time ago. Want to be a blogger? Get a thick skin. Trust me.

Young House Love actually has a GREAT post on negative comments you should check it out HERE.

Anyways, negative comments aren’t really what I’m here to write about. What I want to talk about is this one comment in particular I received on this morning’s post.

Screen shot 2012-02-08 at 2.03.49 PM.png

The self-centered comments are always the most amusing because this is essentially an online diary of my life told by me. It’s my life through food and running and that includes whatever shape that life might take. I’m a girl who has a blog – that’s it.

Ok. Again – not the point. What got me was the part about essentially being too old to celebrate my birthday or the idea that once we are out of childhood that birthdays no longer matter. That is the part I completely disagree with.

Why is it that once we reach a certain age we are required to give up any trace of childhood happiness we have left? Why can’t we celebrate the one day of the year that is special to us because that’s the day we entered the world? Why can’t we act like a kid every once in a while and just be happy? Why can’t we have an excuse to indulge in things like cake for breakfast?

I love birthdays and I always have. I get it from my mom – her and my dad still take annual birthday trips every year (it helps that her birthday falls on a long holiday weekend). It’s their excuse to get away, act like kids and be romantic. That birthday anticipation countdown? My mom does that too. She’s not afraid of getting older, she actually embraces it and is always excited to celebrate a new year. I am my mother’s daughter and I couldn’t be more thankful to her for that. She instilled that sense of joy and youthfulness that I never want to lose.

Birthdays don’t stop happening once you stop being a child and I believe you shouldn’t stop celebrating them either. It should be a happy day where using the excuse ‘but, it’s my birthday! should be completely acceptable, especially when getting out of doing the dishes. Or a day where knowing it’s your birthday is all it takes to put a smile on your face. You’ve made it another year – good for you! :)

It’s not just our own birthday either – it’s even better when we go all out for others. Making birthday dinners, desserts, or even buying presents for the people we love on their birthdays (young or old) never gets old. My future brother-in-law’s birthday is on Sunday and last night I was asking Derek in the car what his favorite cookie was so I could make a batch for him. He’ll be 22 and I think a big batch of his favorite cookies with a side of birthday balloons, candles, and any other throwback we can think of to birthdays of his youth will be just what he needs to put a smile on his face. Yes, he has a beautiful 8 month old daughter, but he can still act like a kid too.

Birthdays are an excuse to have fun – no matter the age or circumstances. Enjoy it while you and make the most of it.

These are just my opinions. Obviously the commenter above has hers too. What are yours? Is there a time where we start being too old to celebrate our birthdays? Please share.

I’m not the only one celebrating a birthday today either.

Happy Birthday to my twin brother Josh!


You’ll never guess how old he’s turning!?!? ;)

Three things never to ask to a set of Boy/Girl Twins:

  1. Are you guys identical?! (Think on that one and get back to me)
  2. Is it his/her birthday too? (unless there was a funky labor involved – then yes)
  3. How old is your twin turning?! (no comment)

You’d be surprised how often we’re asked those. Especially the first one. And if you’re still thinking about the answer to that one, then I’m just going to sit here and shake my head with a big goofy grin on my face until you figure it out. ;)

And we’re not alone celebrating this week either.


This morning Maddie received an invitation to one of her doggie friend’s birthday celebrations.


Yes, Maddie was invited to a dog’s birthday party. But, like I said above, birthdays are worth celebrating no matter the age or animal. ;)

Maddie is actually confused for Ginger a lot by neighbors. I can see the resemblance from when Ginger was a bit younger.


But at almost 14? Eh.


I hope Maddie’s getting a good glimpse into her future whenever she sees Ginger. That’ll be you in 11 years, my young Maddie. ;)

Speaking of Maddie – she’s still at my parents house and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get her and bring her home. I miss her. Even Derek confessed to missing her today. The house isn’t the same without her.

Lunch today was a set of pretty tasty lunch meat tacos.


Each tortilla was filled with:

  • mixed greens
  • turkey
  • carrot
  • avocado
  • cheese
  • salsa
  • walnuts

They were really, really good. I think it was the salsa. Everything is better with salsa.


I have a few errands to run before the day is over. Happy hump day everyone!

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