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Double Bridge Run

by Meghann on February 2, 2012

There’s nothing like an early run in the city.


Especially when that run is with someone who is goofy and as running obsessed as you are.


Ashley wanted to get 9 miles under her belt before we left for Vermont and I’m always down for a run. She planned out a route and we left the apartment this morning in light long sleeve tech tees and running shorts (still can’t get over how nice the weather is here!)


We hit the Manhattan bridge and the Brooklyn bridge for a nice 9.7 mile run loop around the city.


I’m not sure I could handle the stop and go and crowded streets of city running every single run, but it’s always nice to squeeze one in when traveling. It really makes you appreciate the open roads of back home that much more.


Oh, and running bonus – I asked Ashley to be a bridesmaid and she said YES! Woo hoo! I felt so funny asking, like I was asking her to the prom or something. Ashley and I met exactly two years ago this week and since then she has become my best friend. We talk almost everyday and she was one of the first people I wanted to call when Derek proposed last month. I’m honored to have her as part of my bridal party.


Blogger love. :)

After our run I had a bowl of yogurt, apple, granola, and almond butter courtesy of Ashley and Bo’s pantry – Thanks guys!   


The almond butter was the sea salt Trader Joe’s almond butter and it had just the right saltiness to it. I want to pick up my own jar while I’m up here and stock up.

We have some time to kill before we head to the mountains so Derek and I are going to do a little exploring.

Have a great Thursday!

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