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The Bachelorette

by Meghann on January 29, 2012

Last night began like this


And ended like this.


With a little of this thrown in. ;)


We gave Ashley a list of tasks she had to complete throughout the weekend including: earning a free round of shots for the entire bride’s entourage (check!), taking a photo with a shirtless guy (check!), collecting 5 stranger’s phone numbers (check!), and several other less-than-PG tasks that remain undocumented (several checks!). Ashley rocked it!

The task list was just one of several bachelorette related games we played through the weekend. Another favorite was the underwear game.


Each girl was asked to bring a pair of clean and unused panties for the bride-to-be that represented that girl’s personality. The bride-to-be then had to pick which girl brought which panties. For every wrong pick, she had to take a shot.


Can you guess which ones were mine? *hint* Ashley guessed wrong! ;)

We took the party from the beach to downtown St. Petersburg last night. I love downtown St. Pete. It has a great small town downtown vibe with plenty of cute bars and great places to eat.


Our pick for the night? The Moon Under Water. They had a great eclectic menu of British pub food that covers everything from fish and chips to curry.


Kelly and I both ordered the curry wrap special – spinach, potato, and paneer curry all wrapped up in a garlic naan ‘wrap.’ It was good, but I wish the wrap had been more filling than bread.


Bar hopping time!


Gotta love bar hopping in downtown St. Pete! There were no dress codes, no cover, and everyone was so laid back. We ran into a couple of other bachelorette parties, danced and sang to embarrassing 80s music, and kept Ashley wee hydrated as she crossed off all of her tasks in record time.


Bachelorette party success!


We started early and crashed early. A bachelorette party that’s in bed before 1:00am? Yep – that was us. Fine by me, I’m an old lady who likes her sleep.

Well, who likes to sleep early. I’m also an old lady who has a very annoying internal alarm clock that doesn’t let me sleep past 7:30am – what’s up with that? I think it’s the runner in me. My inner-runner knew the weather was perfect for a beach run and that I would regret it if I didn’t get at least a few miles in on the sand.


The weather was amazing (in the low 50s), the skies were clear, and the sand was packed hard and stiff (TWSS) – ideal beach running conditions! I ran 3 miles in 25 minutes and felt great.

I thought the other girls would be up by the time I came back. Nope. I ended up running, showering, packing, and eating my breakfast before the majority of the other girls started to stir. Man, I’m an annoying morning person.

IMG_6685.jpg IMG_6688.jpg

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I gave the bride-to-be a big hug and headed home after breakfast.

Only 20 more days and she won’t be a bride-to-be anymore. Ahhhh!!!!

Let the countdown begin!!

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