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Background Noise

by Meghann on January 24, 2012

Move it along. Move it along. Nothing new to see here.


Yep, nothing new to see here. Today’s lunch was 75% repurposed leftovers. I love meals where all I do is pop open the containers, mix it all on the stove top, and serve.


Today’s mix featured a flashback to Sunday night’s bbq tofu, last night’s potatoes and lima beans, fresh green beans, and mushrooms served on a bed of spinach.


The best part was that the tofu still had a good amount of bbq sauce on it that rubbed off on everything else and made any sort of additional sauce of dressing complete unnecessary. :)

Background Noise

When I first met Caitlin in 2008, and she told me she worked from home, I had this image in the back of my mind of her working at her desk with the television always on in the background. An image, i later discovered, that was totally wrong. She didn’t (and still doesn’t) watch tv while working. This wasn’t a concept that made much sense to me (I loved having the tv on at all times!) until I started working from home myself last January.

At first I would keep the tv on for ‘background noise,’ but then I discovered how much it distracted me. I couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand with the tv on and stuff that should have taken me 10 minutes, started to drag out for over an hour. Not good and not very time efficient.

I started working with the tv off and saw a huge jump in my productivity. I’ve also discovered I struggle with listening to music while I work, apparently I’m distracted very easily. However, people talking at a coffee shop? Oddly soothing. I think it reminds me of working in an office, where people are constantly having conversations each other.

Are you a fan of ‘background noise’ while working? Or are you more of the dead silent type?

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