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A Potential Venue

by Meghann on January 17, 2012

Last night I was showing my Mom some photos of this gorgeous ranch I found outside of Tampa that I love as a potential wedding venue. It’s rustic, it’s adorable, and I could totally see Derek and I saying ‘I Do’ under this big beautiful oak tree they perform the ceremonies under. I’ve petty much looked at every goog-able photo of the place and already made an appointment to check the venue out next weekend.

That’s when she told me a co-worker had heard a rumor of a new wedding venue that had semi-recently opened in Titusville. It was a pole barn on the edge of town that was also rustic, gorgeous, and owned by a local family who built the barn on their property for their daughter’s wedding in 2010. The venue was such a big hit on their daughter’s wedding day that offers started flooding in of other couples wanting to use the space for their big day. Before they knew it, they were in the wedding business.


After a quick google search, my Mom and I found Birdsong Barn in Titusville. The photos were just as gorgeous as the other ranch I was looking at, only there was something about Birdsong Barn that just felt homey and unique. It was a venue you could take into your own and turn it into what ever you want. Even though it was after 7:00pm, I grabbed my cell and immediately began dialing the contact number. The lady that answered was so sweet on the phone and just a pleasure to talk to. She agreed to meet my Dad and I at the site at 10:00am this morning for a quick walk through.


Admittedly, when I first walked onto the property, I wasn’t as impressed as I was with the photos online. Everything was a mess and the chairs, tables, and decorations were shoved all over the place.


But then, THEN, I started to see it.


I could see the twinkling lights. I could see the tables with all of the beautiful mismatched black chairs filled with people. I could see the silver lanterns outlining the barn. And I could see snowflakes. Lots of beautiful snowflakes dangling from the roof and from trees. This place had potential and I loved it.


The woman who met us, Luanne, was amazing as well. She does the venue stuff on the side and to her – it’s fun. She said she had a treasure trove closet filled with dozens of lanterns, hundreds of mason jars, shepherd hooks, chandeliers, etc. etc. and for a flat rate of a $50 rental fee, I could use what ever I wanted for the big day. She also had antique windows, cream place settings, barrels, and stand alone heaters that could be set up when the sun goes down.


There was a space where her husband sets up a backdrop for a make-shift photobooth.


There were two bonfire pits for SMORES (<– I’m not sure why, but I really want smores at our wedding)


And there was a beautiful arch that her husband and her had build that Derek and I could become man and wife under.


Birdsong Barn holds 185 people and the rental fee includes all the chairs, tables, and access to the rental space for 24 hours the day of the event. There’s a changing area for the bride, a side property for photos, and there are no restrictions for outside vendors. All she asked was that we have a licensed bartender if liquor is served on site. She recommended a couple of local caterers and a local DJ that she has worked with before and really respected.

I’m on a tight budget, so all of this was music to my ears. The rental fee is the lowest I’ve been quoted and the fact that she would throw in all the decorations for $50 literally made me choke on air – such a great deal! The idea of being married in my hometown is also somewhat romantic. I could sleep in my childhood bedroom the night before and spend the morning getting ready at my parents’ house. Sweet, right?

I still want to look at the venue outside of Tampa and I want Derek to come see this one, but I can’t help but get this huge goofy grin on my face when I think about getting married there. Something just felt right about it.


Ahhhh!!! So exciting!!!! :)

I left town as soon as we finished and couldn’t stop thinking about the property on the way home. I stopped at Publix and grabbed one of their to-go salads for lunch from the deli.


The turkey cob was HUGE. I couldn’t finish it.


The bread was a slice of the Honey Oat Loaf I picked up at Sunrise Bakery this morning.


They have the best bread. Seriously good. :)


How do you know when you’ve found the right venue? Did you get that ‘this feels right’ feeling too?

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