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Eggnog Oats Take II

by Meghann on December 15, 2011

Do you know what’s better than adding eggnog to your bowl of hot oats?

Adding it to you overnight oats.


Oh, yes. Much, much better. ;)

Last night I mixed up a batch of overnight oats with 1/2 cup of rolled oats, plain greek yogurt, eggnog, raisins, cinnamon, and chia seeds in the last of a container of Magee’s Peanut Butter that I picked up in Los Angeles last month. I placed the mix in the fridge overnight and pulled it out when I was done with my session of NROLFW 5B at the gym them this morning.


I also crumbled one of last night’s cookies on top with an apple.

The eggnog made the overnight extra thick and creamy and gave them a nice holiday spice that paired perfectly with the apple and extra cinnamon on top. The eggnog flavor was definitely more evident in the cold overnight batch of oats rather than the hot oats.


Kitchen Lights

So this is sort of a random topic, but let’s just file this under reasons Meghann is crazy #445.

Last night I made dinner with Courtney then left the leftovers on the kitchen stove for Derek to eat when he came home from work around 8:30. He came home, heated up the leftovers, turned off the kitchen lights, then proceeded to pass out on the couch a little after 9:00.

Here’s where I’m crazy. Whenever Derek’s not in the kitchen he turns the lights off. For some reason this always throws me off because I’ve sort of conditioned myself over the years to think that once the lights are off the kitchen is closed for the night and I rarely go back in it. This is probably a big reason why I’m not a big nighttime snacker.

Anyways, since the kitchen is ‘closed’ in my mind, I mentally assume that the dishes have already been done and the kitchen has been cleaned, since I usually leave the light on to remind me to do so until it’s done. However there are nights, like last night, when Derek turns the kitchen light off and I never go anywhere near the kitchen again (assuming it’s ‘closed’) until the next morning, then discover dirty dishes still in the sink and leftovers still on the stovetop.

Last night wasn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last. It’s just one of those weird adjustments that happens when you move in with someone. Leaving the kitchen lights on until the kitchen was ‘closed’ was never a habit I realized I had until I moved in with someone else and noticed our habits didn’t mesh.

Told you it was random, but I also thought it was funny. :)

What’s a weird habit you didn’t realize you had until you moved in with someone else?

*side note: it was my turn to do dishes because Derek had done them the night before. also, Derek still took the leftovers to work this morning, he didn’t seem to mind that they had been sitting out all night. ;)

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