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Make it stop!

by Meghann on December 6, 2011

Ahhh….. make it stop! make it stop! make it stop!

We’re having work done on our rooftop and it has been nothing but constant nailing, banging, loud conversations, and the stale smell of cigarette smoke seeping through the vents all day. Poor Maddie doesn’t know what to do with herself. Every 10-15 minutes, she’ll go from being very quiet and shaking one minute to up on all fours and barking her little heart out the next. She usually sleeps all morning, but I’m not sure she’s closed her eyes once since the work began around 9:00.


There are also random tacks on the ground outside that I discovered in a not-so-pleasing way this morning. I’ve been wearing extra thick soled shoes to take Maddie out and have had to carry her through the problem areas.

I’m thinking about heading to a coffee shop this afternoon for a little peace and quiet and taking Maddie with me. The weather is just nice enough to work outside, as long as Maddie has no problem sleeping on shaded cement. At this point I believe anything will be better than the banging. I’m about to take Maddie’s cue and start barking at them too, all the banging is guiding me to the crazy side.



Last night’s rotisserie chicken leftovers became the base for a delicious chicken salad wrap for lunch.


Chicken Salad:

  • leftover chicken
  • plain yogurt
  • dijon mustard
  • fresh dill
  • olives
  • salt and pepper


A side of carrots and hummus to finish the plate.


Pretty much identical to my pre-plane meal on Friday, obviously I thought it was good. :)

And Maddie just started barking again.

Coffee shop, here I come.

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