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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Runner’s Edition

by Meghann on November 28, 2011

It’s raining outside! Woo hoo!

Not the best for the dog who hates thunder and all things rain (sorry, Maddie!), but great news for that cold weather I’ve been secretly wishing for. I can already feel the breeze. :)

Lunch does not reflect the colder weather, but still left a warm spot in my heart. ;)


We have a ton of fresh herbs leftover from last night’s salmon creation. There is nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs. Nothing. I chopped up some of the fresh parsley and dill and made a very delicious egg salad.


One hard boiled egg, plain yogurt, dijon mustard, carrot, pickle, olives, fresh parsley, fresh, dill, and a little salt and pepper all mixed together and neatly place in a little tortilla.


The fresh herbs really made the egg salad. It was like a light and flavorful party in my mouth. :)

My plate also included the last of the fresh beans


And a juicy tangerine.


It’s officially citrus season in Florida! My parents had some oranges on their tree this weekend that were ripe for the picking. I didn’t remember to take any home, but the 10 for $1.00 deal on tangerines at Publix really sold me at the store yesterday. :)

For the runners on your christmas list…

What do you get for the runner who has everything? I have a few ideas. :)

Medal Display

There’s nothing a runner enjoys more than proudly displaying his/her accomplishments for the world to see. They’ve earned their medals, why not celebrate them daily? The Allied Medal Display is the perfect gift for any runner who hides their medals in a drawer because they have no idea what else do with them. It’s light, easy to install, and you can create custom slogans on the top, such as ‘Meghann’s Race Bling’ or ‘I Did It All For The Medal.’


A cheaper alternative to the fancy schmancy custom medal holder would be the $5.99 FISKEVIK picture holder from Ikea. That’s what my brother uses to hang his medals and he loves the overall modern look of it. Plus, you really can’t beat the price.


Custom Shirts

Last Christmas my sister gave me a custom shirt from Zazzle that listed all of my marathon accomplishments on the back. I loved it. It was such a uniquely personal gift that I knew she had put some thought into.

IMG_8148.jpg IMG_8147.jpg

If you have a runner that’s training for a big race or just loves to race in general, custom race tees make great gifts. Design one with their name/blog on the front and a funny message on the back. is my go-to for custom tech tees and are even running a promotion today (Cyber Monday) for 30% off the first 10 orders using the code MYCOOLSHIRT and 20% the rest of the day using the code CYBERSHIRT20 at checkout. It’s where I ordered my Meals and Miles shirt from and I love the fit and how comfortable it is to run in.   

IMG_6754.jpg IMG_6755.jpg

Race Book

This next gift idea requires a little extra work, but, trust me, your runner will love it. It answers the question – “what the heck do I do with all my race bibs once the race is over?”


The answer is: create a race book.


I created my race book via the iPhoto program on my Macbook Pro, but Snapfish, Walmart, Walgreens, or any other program that allows you to create memory books online will work just fine.


On one page list the race, date, finish time, and any photos from race day.


And leave the opposite page blank. When the book arrives, tape the corresponding bib in place.


Tracking down the photos and bibs may be a challenge, but watching their face light up on Christmas morning will be worth it. :)



Obviously one of those totally ridiculous gifts that no one really ‘needs,’ but doesn’t stop us from wanting them. Santa? Please? A little birdie even told me there’s free shipping today on all Rundies orders. ;)


What’s on your running wish list?!

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