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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

by Meghann on November 20, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


I know it’s only November, but I can’t help but dive head first into the holiday spirit. I already have Christmas music uploaded to my ipod, several Christmas movies saved to the DVR/ Netflix instant queue, and have purchased a gift or two for friends and family. Plus, this is the PERFECT time to visit the Christmas decorations at Disney world. This is the weekend right before the holiday crowds start to fill in and there are too many people to enjoy it.

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Derek and I had some free time in Orlando yesterday before Ben’s birthday celebrations began, so we decided to take advantage of our about-to-be-expired annual passes and check out the parks. Even though I was just at Disney on Friday, it isn’t hard to talk me into going two days in a row. I mean, we have these passes for a reason. ;)


First we checked out one of my favorite gingerbread displays at Disney’s Boardwalk and I contemplated just how much of the 100% edible structure I could consume all on my own.

IMG_1608.jpg IMG_1609.jpg

Give me a month and I could slowly make my way through 75% of it. Pinky swear. ;)

(psstttt… check out THIS POST for more information on the gingerbread houses found in the Disney hotel lobbies)

Then we headed to Epcot for lunch at one of our favorite food spots in Morocco.


I had the vegetarian platter with hummus, lentil salad, tabouli, cous cous, falafel, and bread. The platter is always my go-to meal when walking around the world in Epcot. So. Good.


We ate in Epcot, but our hearts were set on seeing Hollywood Studios. I love how the two parks are just a quick walk away from each other.



The park was a little more crowded than we expected, but not bad. Some of the rides had 60+min lines (boooo to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror), but others were fine. We finally had a chance to ride the newly updated Star Wars ride (which was awesome!), saw the Little Mermaid (I’m still a ten year old girl at heart), and walked around some of the Christmas displays. We just closed our eyes and pretended the lights were on. ;)


After making our way through Hollywood Studios, we met my family for dinner at Bahama Breeze to celebrate Ben’s birthday (he turned 22 on Thursday).


I ordered the Chicken and Fruit Salad, which I’ve had before and knew would be good. I love how they don’t skimp on the fruit. ;)


Despite being the ripe ole age of twenty-two, my little brother loves the cartoon movie Cars.


Yep. That movie.

Actually, he loves cars in general, so that shouldn’t be such a shock. ;)

The other week I spotted some Cars themed cookie cutters at Williams-Sonoma and thought it would be fun to bake a few for his birthday.


I made the dough Thursday night, baked the cookies on Friday, and decorated them Saturday morning.


Ummm…… not exactly like the box, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Oh, well. Happy Birthday Ben!


I had two and – trust me – the poor icing job didn’t mess with the taste. These babies were just as good as pretty one. :)

Of course, Ben’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without a a visit to a dueling piano bar


Or an obnoxiously oversized drink


With big straws.


You can’t forget the straws! ;)


Happy Birthday Ben!


We partied hard at Howl of the Moon before turning in to a nearby hotel room. Free breakfast and another fun day in Orlando awaits!

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