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Monster Dash

by Meghann on October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!



A couple of days ago Derek had forwarded an email my way advertising a free 5k put on by the local Trek Store. The flyer advertised a free run where costumes were encouraged and prizes would be awarded. I was so there. I had been playing with the idea of doing a fun halloween race this weekend anyways and anything with the word ‘free’ in the title always catches my attention. ;)

Unfortunately the drip-drops of rain when I woke up to this morning put a temporary downer on my running plans. Was it worth a drive to South Tampa for a run in rain? Were all my friends still going to show up? Hmmm….

Instead of listening to the half of my brain that was encouraging me to crawl back in bed, I got up, got dressed and decided I wasn’t going to let a little rain scare me. It already forced me on a treadmill yesterday, I wasn’t going to let it take away my fun run too.

I fueled up with a new Peppermint Stick Clif Bar


(a little disappointed with the lack of peppermint flavor)


And was out the door.

When we first pulled into the designated meeting area, I was a little nervous there weren’t many cars. This 5k was more of a fun run than a race and had very minimal advertising leading up to the event. I’m sure the cloudy skies scared a few runners away, but some encouraging tweets from my friends let me know they were on there way.


(Hi Callie, Mary, and Nate!)

Derek and I made our way into Trek store and were instantly greeted with smiling, encouraging faces that assured me there was still a fun run happening today.

Good thing too, I didn’t dress up like a football player for nothin’. ;)


Need a cheap and easy costume for halloween? Grab a football jersey – add some face paint – done. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

It was Maddie who gave me the idea. I had one of those ‘a-ha’ moments when I was pulling her costume out of her basket.


Now, if only I had my FSU jersey still…. ;)

Just before 8:00am we lined up out the door and were given instructions to follow the marked course. There were about 20 of us, a nice small group for a morning fun run.


Our faithful dinosaur leader said ‘go’ and we were off. I had no goals for this run, just to enjoy the course and make sure Maddie had a good time. When I heard the run was ‘family friendly’ I knew I had to bring Maddie along. Finally a ‘race’ she could do too! She was pumped to run!


It wasn’t long before the jogging stroller passed.


Sure, let the 4 month old beat me. Bye Mini Athlete! See you at the finish line!

Mary and I sort of teamed up and did the run together. It was nice because she’s from the area and knew it like the back of her hand (this way I knew I wouldn’t get lost ;) ). I’ve chatted with Mary online in the past, but this was our first time meeting face-to-face. There’s no better way to get to know someone better than on a run.


Marry is speedy (you know, being a Boston Qualifier and all), went to school at UCF, AND has a twin sister who went to a different school (finally another set of twins who didn’t go to the same college). She also didn’t mind waiting during Maddie’s potty break.


Maddie did great! There were a few snickers from the crowd when they saw the 12-lb JRT pull up, ready to run, but she really held her own. I can go on and about how much Maddie loves to run, but I don’t think you’d really understand unless you saw the pure joy on her face or how much energy she has during each mile.

Maddie only stopped once to take care of business, but that was it. Even when I had to stop and tie my shoe, she was jumping up and down ready to get moving. She didn’t sniff, chase a squirrel, or bark at any dogs (pretty crazy considering it was a new area she had never been too) – she just wanted to run. :)

Go, Maddie, Go!

The 3 miles flew by and we ended up crossing the ‘finish line’ a little after the 27 minute mark.


Not bad for two girls who were just running for fun with a pup.


Of course, Mini Athlete came in long before us.


He sure is speedy in that stroller! But I think he had some help. ;)


Here comes Momma! Go Callie!



After everyone finished up, we headed back inside for the raffling of a pair of running shorts, socks, and a visor.


I didn’t win, but I did get some good baby time.


I <3 him. :)

We had plans to go out to breakfast, but weren’t sure where. Mary instantly chimed in that we should go the cafe at The Tahitian Inn for good food.


And this is why I love locals.

The Tahitian Inn is not something we normally would have considered at all (it’s just a blip on the road when you drive down Dale Mabry), but the cafe had a great outside dining area, a great menu, and delicious food. Our server could have used a little pep in his step, but that was our only complaint.

Great call Mary!

I ordered the veggie omelet with egg whites, cheddar cheese, and a side of fruit.


With dry rye toast.


Loved it all. :)

I think Mini Athlete’s big morning was starting to catch up to him.


(How cute is his dragon costume?!)

And he wasn’t the only one…

Maddie couldn’t wait to zonk out when we walked in the door.


She had missed out on her normal 4 hours of mid-morning sleep and was due for a catch up. She hasn’t moved from that spot since we’ve gotten home. Derek says she need to run a 5k every day. I agree!

And now it’s time to chill. Thank goodness for a quiet Saturday with no plans. Yippee!

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