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Pancake House

by Meghann on October 24, 2011

Good Morning!

After three days of hiking the mountain side, attempting to run some steep hills, and walking all over town – my quads and IT bands are officially killing me. This is proof that I live in a land that is flat as a pancake and I need more hill drills in my life. Perhaps a challenge for when I return home? I can hear the treadmill calling my name already.

I was able to get one final hilly run in before we left town this morning. I navigated the roads around our cabin – and probably walked up the hills more than I ran them -, but this Florida girl was just fine with that. Two miles were done and done. :)

If you’ve ever been to Pigeon Forge, then you probably already know that the roads aren’t lined with gold – they’re lined with pancake houses. Tons and tons of pancake houses! The crazy part is that – if you were to drive down the main strip on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning – you would find everyone of their parking lots packed wtih cars. I guess Tennesseans really love their pancakes?

We always joked about eating at one someday, but never actually had.

Until today.


My Dad thought it would be fun to hit one up on our way out of town and I’m not one to argue over pancakes. (Tennesseans aren’t the only ones who love pancakes ;))

The Log Cabin Pancake House was literally down the street from our cabin and had a parking lot that was just as packed as you would expect to find on any given Sunday morning. A sign we hoped that meant this was a good one.

We were seated right away and I ordered a stack of buckwheat pancakes with blueberries.


I love the grainy texture and dark taste of buckwheat pancakes. These were right on the money, yet were still light and fluffy when you dug into them with your fork. It was pancake perfection.

Whenever I order pancakes, I always order a side of egg with them to ensure my meal has at least some protein to it. This trick gives my pancakes a little staying power while adding an extra bit of flavor to my meal. (eggs + pancakes + syrup = love)


I finished half the pancakes, all of the eggs, and am now settling in for a long drive homes with a happy belly and mind.

This little getaway has been fun, but I miss long runs on flat land, playing with Maddie, and cuddling with Derek. Apparently Derek caught the same thing I had last week and is miserable trying to get over it. Poor baby. :(

Only 11 more hours to home! Here we go!

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