Did somebody say swag?

by Meghann on August 18, 2011

It’s starting!!!!!


That’s 225 bags of swag, swag, and more swag.


My back is killing me, my head is spinning, and I can’t even look at another mini box of something or another again, but they’re filled and that’ what matters. :)

A THOUSAND thanks to Kelly, Ben, Kelly N., Julie, Kristin, Heather, and Derek for helping. We were able to turn these bags out in record time thanks to all of their hard work. :)



Almost as soon as my plane landed this morning, I’ve been on the go prepping with Healthy Living Stuff. I left my computer off on the flight and just tried to relax. I knew my mind would be going a mile a minute when I landed, so I wanted to enjoy as much peace and quiet as I could before the madness started.

We hopped a cab to the hotel, dropped our stuff off, and headed next door to The Reading Terminal Market (where the cocktail party will be tomorrow night!)


I walked around trying to figure out just where the cocktail party will be in the market. There were no big rooms and the space seems pretty tight between the stalls. I really can’t wait to see how they lay it out tomorrow night, it’s definitely going to be a surprise to me.


I knew I was hungry when we arrived, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted. After doing a full lap of the market, I landed at the vegetarian stand.



Kristin had the same idea. We both ordered Philly Vegan ‘Cheesesteaks’


It was a delicious mix of faux meat (I think it was seiten?), vegan cheese,peppers, tomato, and lettuce.


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it really did taste like the real thing! Sooo good!


It was also really filling. I could only eat half and gave the rest to my sister.

After lunch I had a (not needed) coffee.


It just tasted too good not to have one of my own.


Then I did laps of the hotel room (literally) because I was so buzzed on caffeine! :)

We’re heading out to dinner! Bring on the good food!

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