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Sleep-In Saturday

by Meghann on July 2, 2011

Good Morning World. :)

Operation Sleep-In Saturday this morning was a success.

Sort of.

Maddie is still learning the rules of ‘sleep-in Saturday.’ She prefers take-me-out-at-7:00am-and-then-we-can-continue-sleeping Saturday. She’s still young. She’ll learn.


Plus, she’s cute.

I was able to talk Maddie into another 30 minutes before I was forced into walking her around the block.


30 minutes is 30 minutes after all. :)

My training schedule was slightly modified this weekend. Instead of resting tomorrow, I’m resting today. Saturday and Sunday were flipped, so I wouldn’t have to ride by bike for 2 hours by myself. No biggie – I like rest no matter what day it is.

My lazy walk with Maddie was followed by a failed attempt at a smoothie in a bowl. The culprit? Too much milk.


A good smoothie in a bowl requires a certain thickness that resembles nice italian gelato. This particular smoothie was too thin and was more like smoothie soup than anything else. After a couple of bites it was transferred to a cup and enjoy by a straw. Not nearly as fun, but still tasty.


You win some. You lose some. :)

Sleep-In Saturday is about to become Shopping Saturday. Maybe I’ll find some good 4th of July deals – that’s the best part about holiday weekend right? The sales? ;)

Happy Saturday everyone!

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