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Clipless Pedal First Timer

by Meghann on June 17, 2011

Clipless pedal success!!


I clipped into my bike for the very first time this morning. Surprisingly, it wasn’t scary, in fact, it was fun!


I met Courtney at the trail head this morning for a 60 minute ride and a 30 minute run. It was nice having her there for my first ride because she was able to give me a little tutorial of how to clip in. Basically, it’s like snapping into skis with a ski boot – you kick in toe first and the click down until you click.


It didn’t take long until I was circling the parking lot with clipped in feet. Just a few kicks of my heel to practice un-clipping and we were off on our ride.


I felt pretty hardcore riding with the clipless pedals. At first I wasn’t sure I could tell the difference, but a few miles in I realized my legs were naturally pulling themselves into a circle (instead of pulling up and down) and it felt a little easier to go faster. It was great! (Here’s the shoes I got)

The trail only had one stoplight to pause at – and the first time around I had no problem stopping and starting – but the way back was another story. There was a little construction going on at the intersection and just before Courtney and I rode through, the workers had pulled a string across the crosswalk. I wasn’t sure if we could ride over it or not and instantly panicked. I started wobbling, but thankfully my heel kicked out instinctively and I was able to stop myself before I fell.  

First ride – no falls! But I know it’s going to happen sooner or later!

We rode out 30 minutes, turned around, and rode 30 minutes back to the start. We spent the whole time talking and not worrying about speed.

After a quick change of shoes and gear, we headed right back out for our run. This time it was 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back.

The run was rough! It was 8:30 at that point and the trail we were on had ZERO shade. Talk about HOT! HOT! HOT! The big downside when training for races in the summer. :/

Before I met Courtney I had a piece of toast with almond butter and apple butter and after I left her I headed down the road to a new coffee shop that had just opened up not too long ago for breakfast.


Alba Coffee was small and quaint with an extensive coffee and sandwich menu.


However, at first I wasn’t impressed. The pastries on display weren’t fresh and the menu was lacking the yogurt and granola combo my heart was set on. I also raised an eyebrow when I saw the guy make my iced coffee by pouring hot coffee over ice.


Surprisingly, it still tasted ok.

I ordered my iced coffee and an egg and bacon bagel sandwich and sat down, not expecting much. But then something awesome occurred – the owner (who had a big smile on his face from the moment I stepped inside) changed my mind about everything. He was just such a happy, go lucky man who was so excited to start his first business with his wife. They’re originally from England and opening the coffee bar was their dream. 🙂

He was sweet, kind, totally attentive, and he makes a pretty mean egg and bacon bagel sandwich.



It won’t be the coffee or food that will bring me back to Alba’s – it will be the super sweet owner. Just goes to show you how important good customer service is when winning repeat customers!

After my breakfast I had a massage (thank you Groupon!) and returned home.

Lunch was cool and refreshing (as our AC drama continues….:/)


The yogurt and granola I was craving at breakfast


Only it was Lemon Chobani (obsessed!), Uncle Sam’s Cereal, and Fresh Strawberries


And big salad of favorites


  • Mixed Greens
  • Tabouli
  • Candied Pecans (Thanks Monica!)
  • Green Beans
  • Olives
  • Cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Balsamic Vinegar


Happy Friday everyon!

1 Jessica June 17, 2011 at 3:09 pm

Clipless pedals are awesome! They make such a difference on long rides. Although, I don’t recommend trying the “egg beater” style MTB for the first time…personal experience. 😉

2 Lisa Letting Go June 17, 2011 at 3:14 pm

I love when I get great customer service. My boyfriend and I went to Arby’s last night and had the BEST service. At Arby’s! Who would have thought? It really made my night.

3 Cate June 17, 2011 at 3:14 pm

I am so impressed… the first time I tried clipless pedals (on a brand new bike) I shifted wrong going up a hill and fell over. Super embarrassing!
Cate recently posted..Blueberry Cheesecake Tart

4 Lisa June 17, 2011 at 3:17 pm

I so agree with you on the customer service thing–it can really make or break a company. And on a more personal level, I am a total sucker for it. Treat me nicely, and I am so much more likely to come back/spend more.
Lisa recently posted..Sunny Seed Story 8- Sunny Seed Card

5 Kristen (inspiredbydooce) June 17, 2011 at 3:18 pm

My first ride with clipless pedals was a bit of a disaster. I think I fell 3 times… But I think I was in too small of a space. After the third fall I walked the bike to a grassy field and had much more success 🙂
Kristen (inspiredbydooce) recently of my favourite things- run- swiftly ss

6 Annette @ EnjoyYourHealthyLife June 17, 2011 at 3:21 pm

Oh wow! Super impressed! I am kinda afraid to go for that, but maybe evnetually I’ll do it.

Love your idea of a great b-fast!

7 Gina @ Running to the Kitchen June 17, 2011 at 3:22 pm

nice job on your first ride. Your shoes are so shiny and white! Customer service is such as huge part of the experience. More businesses need to realize that!

8 Allison June 17, 2011 at 3:22 pm

I just got clipless pedals about two weeks ago and have already gone down twice! But I think the anticipation of the falls was worse than the falls themselves! I feel a lot better everytime I use them – I’m sure they are going to make a big difference.
Allison recently posted..Three Things Thursday – Running

9 Liza June 17, 2011 at 3:23 pm

Great work with riding smoothly in clop in pedals the first time. I fell over my first ride and scraped my knee. Question, i love your skirt you wore, does it have built in bike shorts with it? I hate the bike shorts look, and I want to hide it under a skirt. Where did you get yours?

10 Meghann June 17, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Yes, it’s a skort made for cycling with padded bottoms. I bought it a while ago but the company is still around

11 Kate (What Kate is Cooking) June 17, 2011 at 3:28 pm

I would be terrified to clip into a bike! I am really clumsy, so I have visions of falling into a street. You’re smart to test it on a trail!
Kate (What Kate is Cooking) recently posted..Personal Training- The First Workout

12 Kate June 17, 2011 at 3:28 pm

Oh my I am impressed! I am still way too scared to try clip in pedals. I have this vision of me falling over and crashing hard!
Kate recently posted..Chicks &amp Clicks

13 Fit Chick Britt June 17, 2011 at 3:30 pm

So excited for you to be sharing your experiences with the clips. I’ve been wanting to try some out, but like you, was unsure of brands and what I was really looking for. I hear they make you faster. That yogurt looks good; I still haven’t tried lemon chobani.

14 Dori June 17, 2011 at 3:31 pm

Why were you surprised the iced coffee still tasted OK?

The bagel sandwich looks great, yum. Mazel tov on clipping in!
Dori recently posted..Focus On- Core Fusion at The Fitnessista

15 Meghann June 17, 2011 at 4:35 pm

because usually when you pour hot coffee over ice it tastes really watery and weak.

16 Doc (The Healthy PhD) June 17, 2011 at 3:42 pm

You should comment to the owner that you’ve had some good iced coffee and it was prerefridgerated…maybe he’d like the tip?
Doc (The Healthy PhD) recently posted..Interruption

17 Jane June 17, 2011 at 3:43 pm

Hey! I’ve noticed this before and just wanted to comment. I don’t think you intend to, buy when you say it’s not the food or coffee that will bring you back, it’s the owners it sounds like the food and coffee weren’t good. I don’t think that’s the message you wanted to send. But maybe it is. I know you’ve said in the past that you are busy and don’t read your posts before you press publish, but I think as a blog writer with such a large following that you have a duty to do so. That’s just my 2 cents!! Lol. Anyways I am from Florida (east coast) as well and can only imagine how hot your apt must be!!!!

18 Meghann June 17, 2011 at 4:39 pm

Thanks for letting me know, but I’m ok with what I wrote. I mean the food and coffee weren’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. And if it was based on that alone I wouldn’t return. I just wanted to emphasize the owner was a great guy and the customer service made me want to return over everything else.

19 jane June 17, 2011 at 4:47 pm

gotcha 🙂 If that’s what you meant that than it what you said!

20 Jane June 17, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Also, how else do you make ice coffee?? I always brew it hot then put it on ice. I didn’t think there was any other way… How do you do it?

21 Dani June 17, 2011 at 4:13 pm

I brew it, then stick it in the fridge to chill for an hour or so, and then add the ice. Otherwise, the coffee gets way diluted when the ice cubes melt!

22 Meghann June 17, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Just what Dani said. I’ve tried just pouring hot coffee over ice before and it ends up being really watery and weak.

23 jane June 17, 2011 at 4:48 pm

oooh of course! yes, does taste much much better when it has been in the fridge overnight or what have you.

24 lauren June 17, 2011 at 3:54 pm

i think Alba’s was originally a 2nd Amelie’s bakery/cafe (a place in Charlotte) – there has been some issues between Amelie’s owners & Alba’s owners about franchising, etc….so they changed the name to Alba’s. If they carry some of the same items as Amelie’s (i.e. salted caramel brownie) – it will be delicious!

25 Meghann June 17, 2011 at 4:44 pm

No, you’re thinking about Sophie’s ( I went there when it was still called Amelie’s ( and I’ve been back when they changed to Sophie’s. It’s a really cute place in South Tampa

26 Christine June 17, 2011 at 3:55 pm

I love supporting start up businesses!
Christine recently posted..This is Very – adjective

27 Theresa June 17, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Yay for clipless pedals! I absolutely love riding with my feet clipped in – you’ll never want to go back! You’ll really be amazed once you start logging more miles how much more “connected” you feel with the bike – more power, more confidence, more speed. It makes a huge difference & definitely with the miles you’ll be logging for HIM you’ll benefit!
Surprisingly, I’ve never fallen because of being clipped in! If I see something scary coming I clip-out early just in case. (Well…I’ve fallen while mountain biking while clipped in, but not because I was clipped in…it’s always because I run into a problem with the terrain and lose control!)
Theresa recently posted..Summer Runnin’

28 Taysa June 17, 2011 at 4:06 pm

There was just an article on about the debate over the “right” or “best” way to make iced coffee. Some people prefer iced coffee that’s “cold brewed,” but when I worked at Sbucks, we would just make super strong hot coffee and pour it over ice in the morning, then it would sit in the fridge all day. Sounds like you just got a fresher version.
Taysa recently posted..Burrito Belly

29 Kiran June 17, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Now I want to try clipless pedals. Looks amazing! But the weather has been very unforgiving!
Kiran recently posted..Mix veg salad and calamari

30 Cara June 17, 2011 at 4:59 pm

Welcome to the clipless pedal club! Awesome that you didn’t fall your first time out! Your lunch looks fabulous!!!!!

31 Sana June 17, 2011 at 5:07 pm

Happy Friday to you!!!
Sana recently posted..The Elbow Diet

32 Every Mile A Memory June 17, 2011 at 5:53 pm

Lemon Chobani is one of my favorite kinds of yogurt! I keep avoiding the clipless pedals because I am so chicken I’ll fall over…. Ok I KNOW I would, but with an impending 65 mile ride I wish I had conquered my fear. Great job on the ride today sounds like a successful day to me! I also love hearing stories of success I hope one day to have my own.

33 kalli June 17, 2011 at 7:27 pm

meghann so very proud of you for getting your first ride in with your new pedals. just a bit of input from someone who used to race in my twenties. i think you need to raise your seat up a bit. you look like your legs are too scrunched up and it will give you more power when you have more leg expansion. just a thought and you are doing great nontheless!
kalli recently posted..Ripped in 30 Update

34 Carey @ Positively Blonde June 17, 2011 at 7:52 pm

Seeing that egg sandwich just gave me a wonderful idea for tomorrow’s breakfast 😀
Carey @ Positively Blonde recently posted..Jalapeno Flavored

35 chelsey @ clean eating chelsey June 17, 2011 at 8:24 pm

customer service = key in a successful business!
chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..7 things about this weekend

36 Amy June 17, 2011 at 9:41 pm

OMG I am obsessed with lemon chobani as well!! it keeps running out of stock at my grocery store…it’s such a sad thing!! I love it…I especially love putting it in the freezer and then taking it out and letting it thaw a little bit then eating it!

37 Hilary June 17, 2011 at 10:20 pm

Way to go on the ride…that does sound scary to me…and I am totally with you on customer service!
Hilary recently posted..Guess what this ISN’T

38 Joelle (On A Pink Typewriter) June 17, 2011 at 10:55 pm

First of all, that bagel sandy looks AMAZING. Second of all, way to go on the bike ride! I’d be super nervous I’d fall over on the bike while my shoes were clipped in haha.
Joelle (On A Pink Typewriter) recently posted..This is why I run

39 sarah m. June 18, 2011 at 6:05 am

I was just wondering if it bothers Derek at all that, before you guys moved in together, you used to actually go to work. After you guys moved in together, you spend your days as such- working out, meeting friends for lunch, going for a massage, etc. I know bloggers like to talk about how hard they work but it’s hard to find what’s work about it. I know I’ll get majorly hated on by other readers for saying this but it just seems like you’re mooching off of your boyfriend.

40 Meghann June 18, 2011 at 6:38 am

I may have a flexible schedule, but TRUST me – Derek knows how hard I really do work. He’s seen me at the computer until almost midnight gathering information for clients, following up on e-mails, pulling my hair out over Healthy Living Summit details. Yesterday Derek and I had the same schedule – we both started work at 11:00 and finished around 8:00pm. He was working the late shift [from home] and I was working it too. Just remember I only put the parts of my life on the blog that I want too. And TRUST ME I’m not mooching off of Derek. WE pay equal amount of rent, utilities, groceries, etc. and we both make the same amount of money from our jobs. I promise I do more than blog – I have a few clients I work with on Social Media projects, I’m in the middle of planning this year’s healthy living summit, I’m a brand ambassador, I write freelance articles, etc. My income is sporadic and comes from various sources, but it allows me to develop the flexible schedule I have.

41 kathleen June 18, 2011 at 7:10 am

Hm. I wonder about he iced coffee. Although, that is how you make it. Brew a double strong pot of coffee and pour it over ice. I wonder if it was actually double strong.
kathleen recently posted..Food exploration

42 Amy @ love4living June 19, 2011 at 10:24 pm

It really is true what they say about customer service; I know it can make or break my impression of a place!
Amy @ love4living recently posted..Sht that’s Annoying Grocery Edition

43 Hannah June 27, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Meghann – don’t listen to hater comments – it’s none of their business how you manage your schedule – you obviously do a great job since you accomplish so many things – professionally, socially, athletically – don’t feel like you have to justify!

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