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Augusta Half Ironman Training Plan

by Meghann on May 31, 2011

Are you ready for it?!?!?

I know I’ve been keeping you on the edge of your seat for far too long. The truth is this is my first triathlon plan ever and I wanted to make sure I put a lot of thought into it.

I don’t want to just finish Augusta – I want to ROCK It!

So, without further adieu, I present you with my August Half Ironman Training Plan. :)

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 11.52.09 AM.png Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 11.52.14 AM.png Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 11.52.16 AM.png Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 11.52.18 AM.png

Just Kidding!

You can see the full plan by CLICKING HERE. I figured importing the plan to a Google Doc was MUCH easier than worrying about squinting eyes, font size, etc. :)

(FYI: The template was built in PowerPoint by Megan (who no longer has a public blog). If you want a copy of the original template please send me an e-mail at

Let’s break this down…

The original 16 week training plan is based off of Amateur Endurance’s 16-week Half Ironman Training Plan. I studied a handful of plans before deciding that Amateur Endurance’s program worked best with my current level of fitness and could easily be mended to fit my lifestyle.

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 12.43.22 PM.png

I only needed a handful of changes to make it work.

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 12.57.53 PM.png

Most notably you will see where I added in strength training with New Rules of Lifting for Women

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 12.45.57 PM.png

And adjusted it to fit in various races

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 12.56.19 PM.png

This is a different training plan then I have grown accustomed to. Instead of specific distant goals for each training day, I’m given time goals. I’ve never trained like this before, but am curious about how my body will adapt to it.

I’ve also stepped it up with a heavy emphasis on swimming, cycling, and bricks. As the schedule progresses there are two swim workouts a week, as well as a brick workout almost every weekend.

Courtney was great in designing three swim workouts that I can evolve and add onto as the program progresses. They are broken down by Pace, Test Set, and Nice & Easy Distance. I’ll go into further explanation as I test them out over the next few weeks.

I’ll also be joining the Tamp Tri Team every Tuesday for Track workouts. <– Really, Really excited for this!!!

The dark shaded areas represent vacations or when I will be going out of town. As you can see, those days are a little lighter than the previous ones.

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 1.10.47 PM.png

I know on first glance the plan doesn’t look like it has a lot of rest days, but it’s really hard to fit in full rest days when you’re trying to work in so many activities. Instead of spending 3+ hours at the gym every week, I’ve broken the work outs down to have lighter days versus heavier ones. The lighter ones will act as my recovery time.

The original plan was actually more intense than I wound up with.

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 1.18.29 PM.png

Umm… yeah. That was a big negative.

Screen shot 2011-05-30 at 1.19.23 PM.png

Much better. ;)

Other Races

I’ve worked in a handful of races into the plan to keep me up to par with my abilities.

I am not opposed to random yoga classes while training. All yoga is welcomed in my opinion. :)


I’ve run this plan by plenty of half ironman triathletes (as well as the Tampa Tri Team) and they’ve all given it a thumbs up. This plan isn’t meant for everyone, it has been customized to fit me at my level of fitness and commitment with this race. I’m just breaking down what I’M doing – not saying this is what YOU should be doing. Please consult your doctor or other professionals before starting to follow a plan at this level.

I think that’s it! I’m really excited about this plan and can’t wait to start going full force with it next Monday!! Woop! Woop!

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