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First, Second, Third

by Meghann on April 25, 2011

First of all… I’m currently sitting in Starbucks sipping on an Iced Coffee with Soy Milk and – you guys were right – this is fabulous. The vanilla soy milk gives the iced coffee a slight sweetness; no ‘fancy’ stuff is required.

Second… the Easter Lilly Derek’s Grandmother gave us for Easter is gorgeous.


It’s a shame I was born without a green thumb. I doubt it will live long enough to see Memorial Day. I’m not even sure where to begin to keep it alive. How often should I water? Does it need sunlight? Should i replant it? Can I keep it in doors?

So, many questions!

Third… lunch was fabulous. Simple, but fabulous.


I’m heading out of town tomorrow‘ equates to ‘Derek plans to rough it bachelor style while I’m out of town‘ and ‘grocery store? what grocery store?

AKA there’s slim pickins’ around here.


We have no bread. We have limited vegetables. And we’re out of milk.

But, we did have left over refried beans, corn tortillas, and spinach. Combine those three elements, add in a george foreman, olives, and corn, and you’ve got yourself a cheese-less quesadilla.


It was messy and squishy, but really tasty.


We also have carrots and I threw in the last two mini pickles for kicks.


Lunch is served.


Fourth…. Maddie says Thank You for all the birthday wishes.


“I don’t feel a day over one!” (she acts that way too!)

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