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YHL Inspired

by Meghann on March 24, 2011

As i alluded to in last night’s post, Derek and I had some fun with frames last night.


Last week’s Young House Love post inspired me to create a frame collage in the hallway. Actually the idea was already in my head, they just gave me inspiration on how to execute it. :)

I started by laying out the fames in the pattern I wanted.


Then I created newspaper templates of the frames, so I could easily mimic the pattern on the wall.


Young House Love was pretty brilliant in sharing this tip. The newspaper cutlets allowed me to measure and judge spacing for the frames without poking any holes in the wall. :)


Once the newspaper was set, I just hung the frames directly over the paper.



The original plan was to mix and match all the black frames I already owned, but once the first few were up, I decided to stick with just the Ikea Ribba Frames. I’m heading to Ikea later this afternoon to fill in the missing pieces.



American Signature called me this morning to inform us our couches will be delivered between 12:00 and 3:00 tomorrow. Yippee!!!

Lunch was fun today. :)


I was going to make a regular sandwich, but something about open faced looked more fun. All the pretty colors made me smile. :)


On the bottom: Whole Wheat Sunflower Bread from Greenwise

On top: Mustard, Swiss Cheese, Mixed Greens, Roasted Red Pepper, Almonds


Left over yucca and plantain on the side.


Fun and delicious. :)

I’ll be attending my first ever rehearsal dinner tonight. What does one wear to a rehearsal dinner?!?! Ekkkk!

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