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Project Move & Mix: Vision Boards

by Meghann on February 10, 2011

Confession: Up until two weeks ago I loathed vision boards.

Polyvore? Olioboard? I just didn’t get it. I had a habit of skimming through vision boards on other blogs or ignoring those posts completely. The concept was lost on me

However, now that I’m in the process of redesigning mine and Derek’s place the idea of a vision board has suddenly clicked. Actually it more than clicked, it’s now my current obsession. ;)

My new obsession began when reader Molly sent me her vision for our living room.


It was as if she reached into my head, took all my ideas, and put it on paper. I could see our living room start to come alive. Molly is a genius. :)

Of course, I still had a view ideas of my own. After a couple weeks of online shopping and a little fun with photoshop, here’s my new vision.


The exact color of green is still debatable (I won’t know exactly which green will work in the space until I do a few test swatches on site), but I’m currently digging the green and brown theme I’ve got going on. My favorite color is blue – and I tend to gravitate towards a blue palate – so this is a new adventure for me. :)

It’s hard not to immediately begin creating vision boards for other rooms in the house, but I’m sticking to my guns of one room at a time (which is really, really hard to do!).

Are you a fan of vision boards?

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