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Project Move & Mix: Our First Compromise

by Meghann on January 26, 2011

Derek and I have been relatively easy going with the idea of moving in together. We both have similar taste and expectations on what needs to be done and have been in agreement in what goes and what stays.

Well, almost in agreement.

Meet Derek’s Guy Harvey Print.


What I want: Well, in an ideal world I would love to remove this piece of artwork from the condo completely. It’s a very large piece of art and the idea of designing our future living room around green and yellow fish is not a pleasant one. I have fears of turning our comfy, homey living room into a fishing/ hunting/ manly motif. Though that may be a great fit for some, it’s not my style.

What Derek wants: He would like the print to stay put. Derek’s parents purchased the print for his birthday last year and – much to my dismay – he is a huge Guy Harvey fan. He was actually giddy with excitement as he picked out exactly which print he wanted and couldn’t wait for it to arrive so he could frame it. That print is Derek’s pride and joy.

Our compromise: Derek still finds trouble in seeing this as a ‘compromise’ as he was holding his foot pretty firm on having the print stay in the living room, but eventually we both agreed moving the print to the bedroom would be the best solution. It’s still in the house, but is no longer the first thing people see when they walk in. Eventually our hope would be to move this print to a ‘man cave’ of sorts or, you know, donate it to Goodwill (Kidding Derek!!!!), but for now the bedroom is a perfect home for it. :)

Has anyone else had to make similar compromises when moving in with a significant other? What was the compromise?

(Derek loves his print, any ridiculous comments may be moderated)

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