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I’ll Miss this Place

by Meghann on January 12, 2011

If there’s two things I’m going to miss when I leave my job , it’s the people I work with and the office culture that goes with them. Sure, every company has their drama and quirks, but for the most part the office I work in has been a blast and the people I see day in and day out are amazing.

I’ll miss the quarterly golf tournaments…

traveling with my boss


….office olympics

….random ice cream socials

holiday parties

And taking long lunches with my co-workers.


Today I had one of those final long lunches with one of my office favorites – Mike. Mike and I both started at the company the same week back in August of 2008. We’ve both seen a lot of change in those two short years and it only seemed fitting to do one final lunch send off today.

Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a friend who isn’t ashamed to drink his cup of tea from  an artistic horse mug.


(he’s single ladies – watch out!)

Too bad Dandelion doesn’t serve their ice tea of the day – today’s was raspberry! – from horse mugs. All I got was this boring cup.


Next time I’m fighting for the mug!

I love Dandelion and was thrilled when Mike suggested it for lunch. They have delicious food and a cozy, hippie atmosphere to go with it. I plan to do a lot of work from here in the coming weeks. :)

I’m hooked on their Vegan Chili Nachos.


No words. No words.

The chili is chunky, delicious, and full of beans, tempeh, and veggies. I can only ever eat half of my plate– it’s so filling!

Paired with a piece of cornbread – this is truly a perfect meal.


I debated ordering a burrito and was really happy when Mike did so I could steal a bite.


Next time I’m ordering the burrito. It’s worth a departure from the nachos – I promise.

I was feeling snacky before lunch, so I dove into a package of gummy buddies.


Random Side Note

I thought this would be a great conversation starter for the comments section…

Are you a food sharer?

I love to try new foods and am CONSTANTLY asking to steal bites off of other people’s plates. You can ask Derek – it’s gotten to the point now where he doesn’t even ask if I want to try a bite, he simply picks the fork up and feeds me a sample like it’s second nature. And if you’ve ever had lunch or dinner with me, you’ve probably noticed I’m always asking to try ‘just a bite.’

I never think anything of it until today when I asked to try a bite of my co-worker’s burrito. We’re friends and have been out to lunch a few times in the past, but a little voice said ‘hold up there.’ I caught myself asking, retracted the question, and started laughing. He tore off a piece to share anyways and this whole topic popped up in my head.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Do you ask for bites too?

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