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Things I’m Loving This Morning

by Meghann on January 5, 2011

# 1 : The new curling iron my little brother gave me for Christmas.


(Hot Tools 1.5 in

Mine broke a couple of months back and I’ve missed having bouncy, flowing curls ever since. Took the new barrel for a test run this morning and couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Ben!

#2: This weather

It’s amazing out there right now. I ran 6 miles and wasn’t cold or hot – it was perfect!

#3: Supporting Family

I registered to run the Miami Half Marathon at the end of this month!

My little brother is such an enabler, but I love him anyways. :)

I’m taking a mini break from speed training (that sub-4:00 marathon was tough!), so the plan is to run the race with my little brother and push him to a sub-2:00 hr goal. He’s more than got it in him, he just needs someone there showing him the way. ;)

(p.s. DO NOT follow the Miami Marathon on twitter. Unless you’re looking for an example of how NOT to do social media, then – by all means – please check them out. They annoy me to no end with their constant contact auto-tweets. grrrr)

#4: Carrot Cake Waffle.


Specifically left over Carrot Cake Waffles that you throw in a toaster and top with hot cinnamon apples.


It’s like dessert for breakfast. Love!

#5: Maddie


What’s not to love? ;)

What are you loving?

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