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  1. Evan Thomas
    October 30, 2010

    I made homemade almond joy’s tonight after seeing your tweet. They’re still drying, but I can’t wait to cut into one.

  2. Kiran
    October 30, 2010

    Me want some of this delicious chocolates :D
    Kiran recently posted..Chickpeas and edamame in coconut milk

  3. Allie (Live Laugh Eat)
    October 30, 2010

    Those peanut butter cups look so professionally made! You can be a chocolatier. So cute to see you and your brother hanging out and LOVED the matching t-shirts!
    Allie (Live Laugh Eat) recently posted..My Running Complex

  4. Ash Bear
    October 30, 2010

    That’s a great idea! It’d make a great, and what seems to be, pretty simple Christmas gift for co-workers!!
    Ash Bear recently posted..Getting Dirty in the Kitchen

  5. Meaghen
    October 30, 2010

    I made homemade peanut butter cups for my boyfriend when he was away training for work for 3 months. He loved them. It was Valentine’s when I sent them to him and I think I’m going to make it a yearly tradition!
    Meaghen recently posted..These boots are made for dodging.

  6. Jillian @ Reshape Your Life
    October 30, 2010

    I’m totally watching Hocus Pocus too. lol

    Those peanut butter cups look amazing. I had a fun size pack of Reese’s Pieces and now some hot cocoa. :)
    Jillian @ Reshape Your Life recently posted..5 Things…

  7. Beth @ bride in the little white dress
    October 30, 2010

    I want to reach through my screen and grab one! They look like Reese’s and probably taste even better with addition of coconut butter and toffee pb.

    Men & argyle make me swoon too! :)
    Beth @ bride in the little white dress recently posted..Indian Summer Oats

  8. Carolyn @ lovinlosing
    October 30, 2010

    Those do look delicious! Too bad most parents wouldn’t let their kids eat homemade goods. :(
    Carolyn @ lovinlosing recently posted..Wicked 10K 2010

  9. Jessica @ The Process of Healing
    October 30, 2010

    That sounds DELICIOUS! And a PERFECT halloween night!
    Jessica @ The Process of Healing recently posted..The Week of TJ’s

  10. Caitlin
    October 30, 2010

    Um, I immediately ran to my kitchen to make those treats. Luckily I had everything on hand, as I may have headed out into a rainy california night for the ingredients. YUM!

  11. emily
    October 31, 2010

    Ack, those cups look awesome! And I’d say making your own pb cups counts for a big chunk of Halloween spirit :D
    emily recently posted..Spooky Saturday

  12. Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat
    October 31, 2010

    Wow, I’m impressed with the homemade pb cups!! I’ll have to try out your method :)
    Chelsea @ Strawberry Sweat recently posted..Plain View

  13. RunningOnCoffee
    October 31, 2010

    Your salad looks small for the price – sorry it was disappointing! (This coming from someone who lives an hour from NYC and is used to high restaurant pricing). That’s awesome that your brother has come around and enjoys hanging out with you and Derek!

    I love your homemade candies… I’ll have to pick up some coconut oil (where do you find that??) to try it.

    I’m boycotting Halloween too, in that I did not plan a costume, had no Halloween party to go to, and as we did not get ANY trick-or-treaters last year, I’m not expecting any this year. We didn’t carve pumpkins this year either, but it was a crazy last couple of weeks for both me and my husband at work.
    RunningOnCoffee recently posted..Recipe- Curried Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

  14. Hope
    October 31, 2010

    homemade candy?! Yes please!! You seriously could not go wrong with that combination!

  15. Shanna
    October 31, 2010

    These photos turned out so wonderfully! And I love the faux Reeses!
    Shanna recently posted..They’re baaaaack

  16. Stefanie @thenewhealthy
    October 31, 2010

    Yum, those homemade peanut butter cups look so easy and delicious! And you could use so many different nut butters for filling!

    My little brother and I have become best friends in the past few years! It’s wonderful! :)
    Stefanie @thenewhealthy recently posted..Mini Frittatas

  17. Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner)
    October 31, 2010

    When I saw the first picture of those peanut butter cups, they looked so professional I thought you’d bought them! But they look so quick to make I may make some myself for those trick-or-treaters, if there are any left by the time they turn up…! :P
    Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) recently posted..Spicy tomato- chickpea and vegetable stew

  18. Jen
    October 31, 2010

    Those look so good…and easy!!!! I may just have to try making some :)

    Jen recently posted..Its the Black Eyed Ps

  19. Heather
    October 31, 2010

    You really had a stomache ache from 3 of those? That is a little concerning!!! I really hope that you start upping your calories soon. I mean that in the best way out of concern for you!

  20. Alicia at Poise in Parma
    October 31, 2010

    My husband is going to LOVE you for that recipe for homemade peanut butter cups!

    My husband and brother hang out all the time. They are both big golfers, love the same sports teams and get a kick of making fun of me – so they have lots in common! Both my hubby and I are uber close with our brothers. My favorite times when the four of us are hanging out because we all get along so well.
    Alicia at Poise in Parma recently posted..restaurant review- Wild Mango

  21. Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather
    October 31, 2010

    How fun shopping! That’s awesome how close you all are.
    Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather recently posted..Wednesdays Weekly Workout MiniChallenge: Squats

  22. Lacey @ Lake Life
    October 31, 2010

    First off, the do-it-yourself chocolate idea is genius!

    Secondly, I LOVE Hocus Pocus and pretty much watch it every day in the month of October. I guess today is my last chance so I better watch it twice :-)

  23. Alison (Ali on the Run)
    October 31, 2010

    Love the peanut butter treat recipe! Thanks for sharing. I will most definitely be whipping up some of those this week. Happy Sunday!
    Alison (Ali on the Run) recently posted..Move In Success!

  24. Jenny
    October 31, 2010

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I really love pumpkin-flavored anything. I think I’ll try your order and put the pumpkin spice in a tea latte.
    Jenny recently posted..Frugal Friday- Seasonal Finds

  25. Fallon
    October 31, 2010

    OOO now I must make homemade PB cups =P

    Happy Halloween!
    Fallon recently posted..Peek-a-boo

  26. Nicole @ running around the rock
    October 31, 2010

    Very cool! My neice would love to make those chocolate PB treats… and I would love them too :)

    Happy Halloween!
    Nicole @ running around the rock recently posted..Winner

  27. Beth @ Kitchen Minions
    October 31, 2010

    Nothing beats a quiet night at home, so peaceful!
    Beth @ Kitchen Minions recently posted..Happy Halloween

  28. Kelly
    October 31, 2010

    Argyle sweaters are definitely sexy. Sounds like a fun day!
    Kelly recently posted..Have Mercy

  29. Heather @ Dietitian on the Run
    October 31, 2010

    The little pb cups turned out so cute!! Seriously want one of those – might be added to my afternoon “baking” list…
    Heather @ Dietitian on the Run recently posted..Friday Food- Pepper &amp Pine Nut Squash Pasta

  30. Jenna
    October 31, 2010

    Yum! Those cups look so cute and easy.

  31. Julia
    October 31, 2010

    This inspired me to make some homemade pb cups too! Other methods always look so complicated but this looked easy and it came out DELICIOUS.

  32. Sana
    October 31, 2010

    I have never tired making my own candy! You made it look so easy! I am not sure I could wait that long!
    Sana recently posted..Falling

  33. jenna
    November 22, 2010

    yumm that savory chicken chop chop looks right up my alley!!
    jenna recently posted..2 day week -

  34. Ally’s Sweet & Savory Eats
    October 19, 2011

    I’m making these dark chocolate pb cups as soon as I can get my hands on the ingredients. Or better yet the almond joy version as Evan recommended. Thanks for sharing!

    PS – With no liners, are they easy to get out of the muffin tin?

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