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Room Service

by Meghann on October 14, 2010

I made a new friend in the gym this morning.



Mr. Foam Roller,

I know I really, really need to purchase your brother when I get home (when I find the time!), but for now our little rendezvous in the hotel gym will have to do. ;)

<3 Meghann

My garmin had died after my run yesterday and I was too lazy to run outside this morning. It was dark, I was scared, and the hotel gym had weights calling my name. You know how it goes.

I took to the treadmill for a 3 mile run and felt surprisingly awesome. I started out at 6.0, but was feeling so good that by the last half mile I was at 7.5 and felt like I could go longer. BUT, I didn’t want to push my legs to hard so soon after my marathon, so I jumped off and did about 10 minutes of free weights before finding the foam roller hidden on a shelf.

Foam rolling – hurts so bad, but feels so good. I rolled my IT bands, calves, and quads. Must purchase my own at home ASAP!

After the gym I did something I’ve never done before, but have always wanted to.

I ordered room service.


Awwww… room service. The perfect cure to my “i need to shower, pack, blog, and get to work before 9:00″ conundrum.


I ordered pancakes, hopped in the shower, and was in the process of ironing when I heard a knock at the door.


Hello huge stack of pancakes! I ordered blueberry with bacon on the side.


Too much food. I nixed one pancake and two of the slices of bacon. Much better.






I love to explore and try new restaurants when I travel, but sometimes room service is just a necessity. :)

Gotta run! I get to see Maddie tonight. This makes me VERY happy. :)

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