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My Journey to the Chicago Marathon

by Meghann on October 13, 2010

I didn’t get a chance to recap my marathon training experience before the marathon, so I thought it would be fun to recount the experience now.

My Journey to the Chicago Marathon

3/22/10 – After wavering between a few fall marathons, my sister calls me to inform me she just registered for the Chicago Marathon. It’s a sign! I register the same day!


6/22/10 – I finish my training plan and announce a goal to BQ. (a goal that is later changed when reality of race day sinks in)

Screen shot 2010-10-12 at 2.11.15 PM.png

7/1/10 – Let the training begin! I officially start my training plan for the Chicago Marathon.

7/5/10 – Time for new shoes! I purchase a new pair of Brooks that would eventually take me all the way through training to the finish line of the marathon on 10-10-10


7/10/10 – I run my first 12 miler in the Miami heat and start to question why I’m training for a marathon in the heat of summer?!?!?

7/17/10 – Redemption run. 13.1 miles in 02:01:09. Learned leaving early to avoid the heat is a necessity.

Screen shot 2010-10-12 at 2.20.36 PM.png

7/18/10 – Finish my first Olympic Distance Triathlon. Now that I’ve crossed that off the list I can fully concentrate on marathon training.


7/23/10 – 15 miles. Still complaining about Florida heat.

8/1/10 – The 14 mile run that turned into 12. This is where I discover that knowing when to stop is just as important as pushing yourself in marathon training.


8/7/10 – 14 miles! Lesson learned? Gatorade is a necessity in the heat. Thanks to a mix of Gatorade and Water I was finally able to quench my thirst. It gave me the burst of energy I needed to succeed.


8/15/10 – 16 miles in Chicago during the Healthy Living Summit. Running 16 miles with my fellow bloggers was just the boost I needed to keep my head in the game. I couldn’t wait to return to Chicago for the 26.2!


8/21/10 – 18 miles. 14 on my own and 4 with Derek.

8/28/10 – My first 5k of the season! I didn’t PR with a finish time of 24:08, but I did win my age group!


8/29/10 – 12 mile run followed by a lovely brunch with friends.

8/31/10 – Reality Check. I re-examine my goals and set aside the goal of BQing for another day. Instead I decide to aim for a sub-4:00 marathon.

9/4/10 – Completed my first 20 miler while on vacation in New York City with a few friends.


9/5/10 – WTC Freedom Run 5k. My first 5k ran side by side with Derek.


9/11/10 – Autumn Rock n Run 5k with my brother. I pushed him to a sub-27 5k :)


9/12/10 – 12 miles with my sister – our first one together of the season!

9/18/10 – My second 20 miler for marathon day. This time in Ft. Lauderdale with my sister. It was hot and long, but we learned a very valuable lesson – that ALL long runs should end in massages. ;)


9/25/10 – Miracle Miles 15k – an unexpected PR while trying to hold back.


10/2/10 – My last double digit run with my sister before Chicago. Ekkk!!! :)

10/8/10 – Made it to Chicago! Let the countdown begin!


10/9/10 – Exploring the city of Chicago. Carbo loading with Smoothies, Pizza, and Pasta. Mmmmm…..


10/10/10 – Marathon Day!!!


Despite the heat (and being separated at mile 16) my Sister and I were able to cross the finish line holding hands. Finishing Strong just over 4:15.


Incredible. Totally worth every bit of blood, sweat, and tears I put into this race. Can’t wait for the next one. ;)

Oh yeah… the next one.. Umm… I may have…. you know… signed up for another marathon…. in… umm… 8 weeks.


More info to come! ;)

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