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Virtual Me

by Meghann on October 5, 2010

I have a fun game to make you smile today!

But, first..





I need to wear a shirt every time I go to the grocery store that says



If you see me staring aimlessly in to the freezer section lead me away.

These were definitely an impulse buy.


I’ve been a fan of Gargein products in the past and these were on sale! They were in my cart before I could think twice of it and on a baking sheet being prepped for lunch without a thought to it.


Verdict? Yum! I mean yes, they taste like heated up frozen chicken tenders, but if that’s what you are expecting then they ain’t half bad. :)


Okra Fries joined the party as well.


And the other half of a Peach.


For dessert I had a Peanut Butter Truffle Chocolate I had created at the Chocolate Date Night adventure the other weekend.


Game Time

When my Sister and I weren’t eating ourselves around the world at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival this weekend, we were busy exploring the ever changing Epcot park

I take that back. Epcot isn’t exactly ‘ever changing’ but their Innovations Pavillian is.

Innoventions contains fun, interactive games that include everything from testing a segway to making an interactive video game staring you! Yep, that’s right staring YOU (or me as the case may be. ;) )

It’s simple they record you running, jumping, and dancing…

Then a couple of minutes your face appears as part of an old school arcade game.


Pretty cool, right?

The virtual you is challenged through three separate levels of coin collecting, dodging obstacles, and running. It’s a simple game, but for some reason when you are playing you it turns into one of the best games ever created.


The best part is they e-mail a link of the game straight to your in box (err… a couple of days later to your inbox), so you can forward to family and friends to play. Or you know a couple thousand of your closest blogging buddies. ;)

Here you go! Enjoy!

Oh.. and I dare you to play the game without smiling. It’s next to impossible! :)

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