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Miracle Miles 2010

by Meghann on September 25, 2010

This morning I added my THIRD Miracle Miles medal to my ever growing collection of race medals.


Did you notice how the medals have gotten a teeny bit smaller each year? What’s up with that?

It was a race I was worried wouldn’t happen at first.

The plan was to meet my sister, Megan, and our friend Sara at the start line about 20 minutes before race time. I made sure to give myself plenty of time, but the traffic was worse than predicted. The directions the race packet had provided for parking became useless when we discovered the suggested roads were blocked off my police barricades. Great.

After a couple of illegal u-turns – and blindly following other drivers – I managed to find the recommended garage. Unfortunately we only had 15 minutes until the start and my sister was frantically tweeting me/ calling me that she was driving around in circles with no clue where to park as well.

I had been blindly following multiple drivers and had no idea how to guide her. She started freaking out and I started freaking out. Last year she had to run the start after the gun had already gone off, I had an idea she would have the same experience this year. :/


After a final call telling her to just park where ever, I gave my phone to Derek and tried to just think about my own race. So, my sister wasn’t there. So, I couldn’t find any of my friends. I was still here to run a race and I was going to run this race.




The start wasn’t as crowded as I was predicting. I managed to find my way up front and crossed the starting line less than 5 seconds after the countdown.



I started off feeling great. Legs felt good. Breath felt good. Everything felt good.

I feel better when I see Sara pass me right before the first mile marker. You rock it girl!

Mile 1: 7:42

Holy crap. Way too fast. Way too fast!

I recently read an article on Runner’s World regarding the top ten mistakes people make during taper time. One of those mistakes was trying to PR at other races during taper. They emphasized that this practice could lead to injury and to instead aim for marathon goal pace for these races. That was my goal for this race – marathon goal pace for Chicago, which comes to 9:00 minutes per mile, not 8!

Mile 2: 8:02

ekkk… still too fast. Slow it down Meghann.

Mile 3: 8:27

Ok, a 5k down. Legs still feel good, but mentally beginning to lose it. My stomach is starting to cramp and the pumpkin scone I had for breakfast isn’t sitting too well in my stomach. What was I thinking eating a scone before the race?

Mile 4: 8:43

Alright, mentally really starting to feel it. At least my pace is somewhere near where I want to be. It’s just so hard not to be competitive with all these runners around me.

Mile 5: 8:49

Halfway done. You’ve got this girl! Stomach is still off, but at least I’m beginning to get my groove.

Mile 6: 8:54

Just ran by a girl on the ground surrounded by medics. I hope she’s ok.

Mile 7: 8:47

All the volunteers are really great. Did you know the smallest baby to ever be delivered at the Winnie Palmer Hospital and survive was 11 ounces? That’s so tiny! This race raised $25,000 for a really great cause and I’m greatful to be a part of something so wonderful.

Mile 8: 8:56

Wait, when did this race get hills? I thought this was the same course as last year, but I don’t remember all these inclines. I feel like I’ve been slowly running uphill for over a mile. Not cool.

Mile 9: 8:58

I’m almost done? I’m almost done? I’ve got this!

.3 nubbin: 3:07 (8:12 pace)



Finish Time: 1:20:31 (A new PR?!?!? <– wasn’t expecting that)

Average Pace: 8:35 (a little faster than I wanted, but I’ll take it! )

I ran the entire race not knowing if my sister had made it to the start or not. Two minutes after I crossed the finish line I had my answer. Kelly came running through the same shoot with a huge smile on her face. She made it! And she finished in an awesome time!

I immediately found her and gave her a big hug.



We also spotted speedy Sara who came in at a smokin’ 1:12:34!!


Megan was another runner who I wasn’t sure had made it or not. Apparently Derek had seen her at the start and Kelly had ran a little of the race with her. I couldn’t believe we all made it! That was really a close one!


The Miracle Miles after party was full of food and drinks, but it was 9:00am and I had jsut run 9.3 miles, so I wasn’t feeling it.

However, Derek helped himself. :)

IMG_0613.jpg IMG_0616.jpg

I did one my traditional Chik Fil A post race sandwich, but they didn’t have any this year. What?!?! I grabbed the parfait they were offering instead.


It was just vanilla yogurt and strawberries, but it was sooo GOOD! It was thick, rich, and cream. It had to be full fat yogurt and I was NOT complaining :)



You think one would be done after a 15k race, but I needed to get at least 3 more miles in for my Chicago Training Plan.

I ended up running an easy 3 miler with Derek and Maddie by my side.


Don’t tell Derek, but I think Maddie could take him in a 5k! She’s actually a great runner and kept up with us the entire time! We stopped at a few water fountains to give her some hydration, but that’s the only time she ever felt like stopping.

Maddie will be sleeping good today. :)

I was feeling nauseous after our run, but the cracker Derek gave me helped a lot. I guess that’s my clue that I need FOOD stat! Time to get some lunch! :)

Have a great Saturday!

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