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Fancy Night

by Meghann on September 19, 2010

Cue the fireworks…


Because wouldn’t fireworks have totally made that photo? Love. :)

When I travel I like to dedicate at least one night of my vacation as ‘fancy night’ where I get a chance to dress up and go all out.

Last night was our ‘fancy night.’




Thanks to the GIrlfriend Getaway package we had two hundred dollars worth of gift certificates to spend at the Westin Diplomat’s on property restaurant Aizia for dinner one night during our stay.

Aizia is a very chic restaurant that specialize in sushi and various other Asian influenced cuisine. It was a great restaurant with beautiful decor and a stunning view, but we were a little surprised by all of the empty tables at the height of the dinner rush hour.


We were seated in a cozy, secluded booth that had comfy seats and plenty of room to stretch our legs and bodies.

IMG_9701.JPG IMG_9711.JPG

Our plan? To stretch the gift certificate as far as possible.

Starting with a moderately priced bottle of cab.




Between the four of us our table went through two bottles of wine during the evening. I think in total I had about 3 glasses? Good thing our hotel was within walking distance of the restaurant. ;)


We began with a vegetable spring roll for the table.


I had one piece and then a bite of another. I enjoyed the sweet dipping sauce and the fresh, crisp vegetables in every bite.


For my main entree I ordered the cedar plank salmon with stir fried vegetables served on a flaming cedar plank (!)



The salmon was just ok. I believe if you are going to spend so much money on a dish then you deserve to have pretty high expectations for that meal and the salmon did not meet those expectation. It was under seasoned and was missing that certain ‘somethin, somethin’ that would push it over the top.

Derek and Kelly both ordered the pad thai and I was slightly jealous of their meals. They were both incredibly flavorful and delicious. I’ve been suffering from order envy lately. It’s a nasty, sad thing to suffer from. ;)

For dessert each couple ordered the chocolate lava cake with green tea ice cream.


After two meals out in a row of wishing I had ordered the chocolate dessert, I finally earned the ‘know-how’ to order it myself. The cake was rich and oozed chocolate ganache. There was not a crumb left of that plate when Derek and I were done. ;)

Despite the multiple glasses of wine – and rum for Derek -we both had an uneasy night of sleep. We each kept waking up periodically during the night and just could not seem to get comfortable in our bed. Needless to say, we were both wide awake long before the ‘sleep in’ time we had given ourselves. :(

Oh well.

At least this meant we had the beach all to ourselves this morning.





I’m a goof.

IMG_9809.JPG IMG_9811.JPG

IMG_9812.JPG IMG_9813.JPG

One day I’ll hit the hand stand. ;)


For breakfast Derek and I hit the hotel cafe and spent wayyy too much on pancakes.


Were they worth $14? Probably not, but I really, really wanted pancakes! :)

A late check out gave us time for one last lay out by the pool.




The Diplomat’s pool deck has a double layer effect with an infinity style pool across the top and a much larger on the bottom. We discovered that if you walked underneath the bottom layer that you had a clear view into the top.


This discovery led to endless hours of entertainment on our part. ;)





We kept waiting for some unexpecting person to walk across the stop and pick a wedgie or other embarrassing gesture, but had no such luck. Rats. ;)

Eventually our tummies began to rumble for food and it was time to leave our weekend home away from home.

Adios Westin Diplomat! It’s been fun!


The Westin Diplomat was a beautiful hotel and at just a 4 hour drive south, it was the perfect getaway for a weekend vacation for all four of us.

Here’s my mini review of my experience…

Hotel Loves

  • Right on the beach
  • Awesome views from any room
  • Friendly staff
  • Free cold water bottle every time you walk inside
  • Great pool
  • Comfy cushioned pool chairs
  • Lovely golf course and spa
  • Gorgeous rooms
  • In-room mini refrigerator
  • Fast elevators (I swear we never had to wait!)

Hotel Not-so-loves

  • Overall location. Loved that it was on the beach, did not love that any restaurant options – besides the ones on property – were a drive away instead of within walking distance
  • Prices at hotel restaurants

I want to thank the wonderful people at for sponsoring the Chevy Girlfriend Getaway contest and for all of the readers who took the time to vote for me as your favorite Chevy Girl on the Go during the promotion last May. Seriously, you guys rock!! :)

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