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The Running Cheerleader

by Meghann on September 11, 2010

Guess who smashed their old 5k PR with a little help from moi?


Congrats to my little brother Ben for KILLING the 5k this morning with a clock time of 26:48!!!

Woop Woop!

I was by his side cheering him along the whole way. He ran, he pushed hard, and he never gave up! Way to go Ben!


Obviously I got the muscles in the family. Wouldn’t you agree?

P.S. I need to teach my brother how to run a race without losing his shirt. Ha!

I decided late last night that I wanted to run this race with my little brother. He’s been working hard at training and I knew all he needed was that little extra push to make sure he reached his goal of under 27 minutes. :)

Before the race I had an Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie with Honey Peanut Butter.


I <3 cookies before runs. :)

We arrived at the race site super early and met up up with my sister, little brother, and his girlfriend.


I think we were there a little too early. We were able to park in the main parking line, the porta potties had no lines, and we still had 45 minutes until the race start. Umm… yeah. Next time I’m sleeping in.



IMG_8822.jpg IMG_8823.jpg

I’ve run countless races with Kelly, Kelly ran Ben’s first race with him last spring, and I just ran a race with Ben two weeks ago, but after all that we’ve never done a race with all three of us.


Today was a first and it made me happy. :) I love my siblings. All we were missing was Josh!


A for Anderson!

Yeah we’re dorks, but I think we’re ok with that. :)

Random Fact: Kelly and I managed to talk our Dad into running a 5k with us a couple of years ago.


The worst part? He beat me! But, he about killed himself in the process. He still reminds us how he was sore for a full week afterwards and has refused to run another one since. One day I know we’ll talk him into again! ;)



After waiting around for almost an hour the whistle for the race finally blew.


Kelly had headed up front with a goal of smashing her previous PR. Ben and I had stayed in the middle of the pack, while Derek fell behind with his own goals of finishing in mind.


Ben took off a lot speedier than I had counted on. He was steady and strong and we finished our first mile just around 8:00 minutes. His music was in his ears at this point and I just let him do his thing.

The second mile started out just as speedy, but a point came towards the end where he needed a break. I let him walk while I tied my shoe and we still finished the second mile around 8:15.

Then it all caved in.

Ben had started out too fast and was running out of mental fuel. The last mile was tough for him, all he wanted to do was walked and I was determined to keep those walks as minimal as possible. I pulled out all the stops. I told funny stories, I did cheers for him ( Let’s go Ben Ben, let’s go!), I started singing (the guy next to me asked for more!), and I jumped, skipped, and tried to take his mind off the task at hand.

It worked. He still walked, but not for long increments of time. He was doing great and we were still on schedule to finish under 27 minutes.

Around mile 3 Ben got a boost of energy and took off towards the finish line.


He finished strong by giving it all he had in one final sprint to the end.


Ben’s official time was 26:48! Woop Woop! That’s 4 minutes faster than the 5k we did together two weeks ago!! GO BEN!!!

I came in right behind him.


26:50 :)

Kelly had finished a few minutes ahead of smashing her own PR, but you’ll have to check out her blog for the full story. ;)



All that was left was Derek.


He came in just over 30 minutes – right in line with his goal and million times better than his 37 minute finish last year. :)


We did it!


I’m in to jumping photos lately. :)


Millions of thanks to our #1 fan – Ashley – who took all the photos for the day.


After the race we headed to Briar Patch for breakfast.


Kelly and I split the Fiber Blueberry and Pecan Pancakes.


And I ordered extra fruit as well. ;)



Two Years of Blogging!

Two years ago today I started blogging at :)

I plan to do a full out anniversary celebration on Monday, but wanted to get one shout out in today.

Thank you for returning to this blog day after day to follow my journey, words can not express how special all of you have make me feel everyday. Without all the encouragement, comments, support, etc. I don’t know where I would be today. :)

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