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Two Years on the Job

by Meghann on August 16, 2010

In July of 2008 I took a chance. I quit my steady job, followed my gut, and moved back home. I was over Tallahassee and missed my family too much to be so far away.

The plan was to find a job and be out of my parent’s hair before they even realized I was there.

The plan worked. Just a couple of weeks after moving home I was offered two jobs. One doing almost the exact same thing I was doing in Tallahassee and the other doing more of what I wanted to creatively, but with less pay and more freedom than the first. Again I went with my gut and went with the job with less pay and haven’t regretted it since. Money isn’t everything, right?

Exactly two years later and I’m still with the same company. Those two years have gone by way too fast too. It feels just like yesterday that I had my 90 day review and now I’m preparing for my 2 year review! I want to gather some fun job related posts and create a tab for it – hopefully, I’ll have it up soon!

But, can you believe in all of those two years doing this job I have not once gone out and picked up unplanned take out and brought it back to my desk? Well, that was until today…


I wanted something green for lunch. I wanted fresh, beautiful food that would make my tastebuds and my mind happy. The only thing in my fridge right now is half a melon, some seitin, and about 4 jars of nut butter. I knew that wasn’t going to satisfy my craving for fresh food for lunch, so I went to Roly Poly and picked up a Spa Salad to go.


We order the Spa Salad all the time for work meetings, but I’ve never been to a Roly Poly and picked up just the salad. It has a mix of greens, sprouts, tomato, walnuts, cranberries, mushrooms, and avocado with a balsamic dressing on the side.


It was delicious and I consumed and loved each and every bite. :)


Before lunch I was able to sample my first AllieBar!


Allie was so sweet to hand a few out at the Healthy Living Summit this weekend! After hearing KAth rave about them for so long I couldn’t wait to dive in!


The bar was amazing. It was very rich, sweet, and decadent. I want to say it had a good amount of brown sugar or molasses in it? It was almost like a dessert. A very tasty, hearty dessert.

Thanks again Allie! :)

Healthy Living Summit Recaps!

Have you been checking them out? I have to admit reading everyone’s wonderful, honest reviews got me a little teary eyed this morning. The 5 of us worked so hard on this event and to know that everyone had such a great time just let’s us know that it was all worth it. Thanks guys! :)

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