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Packing One Thing and Wanting Another

by Meghann on August 3, 2010

Last night I took on the role of responsible & healthy Meghann by packing a healthy green lunch to take to work today. I had to run some errands during my lunch break and knew I wouldn’t make it home in time to make lunch.


Last night I assembled a salad of spinach, tabouli, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms with some wasa crackers and a plum on the side.



I assumed a refreshing lunch like the one above would be just what I was craving on a hot summer day like today. Turns out I was wrong. The problem with packing you lunch the night before is you’ll have no idea what mood you will be in when it comes time to eat. As my lunch hour loomed closer and closer, the more I realized the salad wasn’t really what I was craving. A hot pressed sandwich was more of my idea of good eats at the time.

While out running my errands I was very tempted to stop and buy what I really wanted, but money is a bit tight at the moment and I couldn’t justify spending $10 on a sandwich when I had a perfectly good lunch waiting for me in the fridge.

So, I ate the salad anyways.


But, was not happy about it. :(

It was good – no doubt about it – but when you’re heart isn’t it then you might as well be eating plastic. Le sigh.

Pity party for one please… ;)

Earlier I had some PB Pretzels (something I was actually were craving at the time ;) )


Maybe, I’ll have that pressed sandwich for dinner tonight? ;)

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