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Ricotta, Basil, Tempeh, & Strawberry Preserves Wrap

by Meghann on July 12, 2010

I just had the BEST lunch I’ve had in a while. I haven’t had time to go to the grocery store yet and I’ll admit those days I am in need of a grocery run are usually where my favorite meals come from.


Why is it the best you may ask? Well, let me introduce you to my new friend the Ricotta, Fresh Basil, Tempeh, & Strawberry- Basil Preserves Wrap.


Umm.. yeah, this baby rocked!


I love how the ricotta always compliments what ever it’s paired with – sweet or savory – to a T. The sweetness of the strawberry preserves blended wonderfully with the taste shape-shifting ricotta, bringing out the sweet side of the cheese. The basil was also an unexpected surprise. Each basil filled bite only enhanced the strawberry-preserves flavor and gave the whole wrap a delectable fresh taste.


With the wrap I dug into a bag of the new lightly salted Fritos that our Healthy Living Summit sponsor was kind enough to send me.


Fritos are hands down one of my favorite type of chips of all times. I was never a fan of regular potato chips (seriously who likes plain potato chips? – bring on the sour cream & onion or salt & vinegar), but regular Fritos I could eat by the bag full! Unfortunately every time I ate them my mouth was left overly salty and dry. Usually worth it, but not always preferred.

These 50% less salt Fritos had all the great Frito flavor without the salty after taste. Loved them!


Watermelon for dessert.


Earlier this morning I snacked on fresh green beans.


Seems like an odd sack, but it sounded good to me this morning for what ever reason.

Poor Echo

On my drive home from Miami yesterday my car started making funky noises. Per my Dad’s instructions I pulled over to check the oil and radiator fluid and thankfully everything checked out normal. However, the noise persisted and this morning it was worse.

My Dad and my Anthony came by to take my car away this afternoon leaving me carless until my Mom’s car arrive this evening for my borrowing pleasure. I wasn’t sure when I would be getting my car back and was told to grab what ever I needed from my car in the mean time.

Here is what I ended up bringing back into the office with me.


Let’s see here… a bike tire, yoga mat, random shoes, yoga clothes (not liking the fact I have to now miss yoga this evening), and my favorite water bottle. Yeah, I got a few stares walking back into the office with those items.

FYI: The bike tire was left over in my car from the last time I took the bike out. For some reason my bike made it upstairs, but the front tire never did. ;)

I’m crossing my fingers my car isn’t too broken and can be fixed quickly. thankfully my Dad works with some great mechanics that I know will take care of my echo baby.

So, here is my random question of the day…

If you had to give your car up for the week, what important things that are in there right now would you have to retrieve?

oh, I should also mention other items in my car that I didn’t deem important enough to grab at this time included a dog crate, cooler, bike pump, and scale. Random, right?

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