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Northface Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay

by Meghann on June 6, 2010

11 Girls. 3 Teams. 5 Hours. 1 Hell of a Marathon Relay. :)


My first marathon relay was a success! And so much fun! I loved getting to know all the ladies and the 6 miles we each ran were gorgeous! All in all I would say this was a successful race. :)


The Northface Mid-Atlantic Endurance Challenge took place in beautiful Algonkian Regional Park, Virginia. Not only was there the marathon relay option for today there was also the option of running a 50 miler, 50k, or full marathon. It was fun watching all the different distance runners come in. I felt especially close to the 50kers. ;)

Our teams met at the park just after 10:00am.


IMG_7227.JPG IMG_7228.JPG

Team Run Bloggers Run


Me, Ashley, Heather, and Jessica


Team Run to Eat


Leslie, Amanda, Gretchen, and Cara


Team Awesome (who were missing a runner!)


Brittany, Julia, and Amy

The marathon relay course consisted of a 6 mile loop that each runner completed once.


Jess was the first runner for out team.


The first team members got the official send off.



Then the waiting began.


The one downside to a marathon relay? All the downtime! From the time the first runner left I had a full three hours to wait around until it was my turn. There was a lot of napping and chatting. :)

And eating.

I had 1/2 of this new bar while the first runner was out.


This was a new-to me- bar that I wasn’t impressed with. The texture and density was great, but the flavor was awful! Yuck!


I also had a piece of bagel and orange slices at one point.


Ashley was our second runner to go.


Jess came in in record time and had a smooth transition handing the chip to Ashley.



Runner #3: Heather


We were definitely starting to get the hang of it by this one. ;)



I was last


By the time I left it was after 2:00 and the clouds had begun to roll in. It had actually drizzled just a tad right when I left , but nothing I couldn’t handle. ;)

The race was a pretty simple out and back. The first mile or two took place on a a paved path that took you around a golf course then by a playground and soccer fields. At mile 2 you pass an aid station where the trail starts to narrow and actually become a trail.

The trail loops around to the river and then brings you back the way you came. That point right before and after the turn around is probably the most difficult. That is the part of the race I would actually consider trail running because of the thick trees and dirt. I bet if we would have ran the 50k or 50 miler we would have had more of a taste of the actual trail running, but considering how short the out and back was for the relay, I can see how we were only in the woods for so long.

I would love to run the race again next year, but next time something a little longer. 50 miler anyone?


I made it back to the finish line in around 50 minutes (maybe more?) and immediately scarfed some skittles Leslie handed me.


Skittles + End of Race = Not so happy belly. Oh well.

None of us have no clue was the official times were, we were here to have fun and that’s what truly matters. :)



Cara was describing a snake she saw on the trail.

IMG_7337.JPG IMG_7338.JPG

After all those snake warnings I think she was the only one that spotted one! :)

We said good bye to our fellow teammates – you ladies rock! – and a few of us headed to Uncle Julio’s for a late lunch.



We all immediately dug into the chips and salsa presented to our table.


The vegetable fajitas immediately struck me on the menu. I loved how the dish was served with large chunks of grilled veggies that looked like the had actually been grilled as opposed to sauteed to resemble grilled.



I think I had 3 fajitas?



After lunch Ashley and I said our last good byes to the gang and braved the metro to head to our next stop in the DC area.


IMG_7359.JPG IMG_7361.JPG

Jacquie is putting Ashley and I up for the night in her lovely apartment. She is so cute and a bundle of energy! We were immediately greeted with chocolate chips cookies – I had one – and once showered we were wisked away to Blue Ridge Restaurant in Georgetown for a fabulous light dinner of appetizers.


I LOVED Blue Ridge! It was an amazing southern restaurant with a modern twist.



Beer was on my mind.


I had The Star Hill ‘ The Love’ Wheat Beer.


It was ok. A little too fruity for my taste. :)


Instead of bread we were served popcorn.


Our table split a wonderful array of appetizers.

Carpaccio Country Ham and Herb Biscuit with a honey drizzle and raisins


This dish was a wonderful twist on my personal favorite biscuit and ham. The honey drizzle was probably the best part, it created the perfect balance of sweet and savory. :)

Chilled Asparagus Soup


The chilled soup was very refreshing after a day in the sun. I can’t wait for tomatoes to become full in season so I can make Gazapacho soon!

Trio of dips (black eyed hummus, olive tapenade, and goat cheese) with corn bread and homemade crackers


The dips were great, but pairing them all with the cornbread was a bit much. Not my favorite dish of the evening by any means, but still edible.

Back at Jacquie’s we sampled some new truffles


And had a cookie sundae with homemade chocolate chip cookies, caramel truffle ice cream, and homemade chocolate sauce.


Whoa! What a day! Can you believe it’s after 1:00 am?!?! Wayyyy past my bed time!

We’re exploring the city tomorrow. Should be fun!

Good night!!

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