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by Meghann on May 28, 2010

Life Lesson #423084: Always go to the dentist on a full stomach because you have no idea when you will be able to eat again. :/

This morning I was finally made it back to the dentist office after last Friday’s waiting room fiasco. The goal was to have two fillings done and be back at my desk within the hour. Goal completed.

Only problem was my appointment was at 10:00am and by the time lunch rolled around my mouth was still numb from the novacain. :( I waited as long as I could, but my grumbling tummy forced me to eat my lunch with a numb tongue.

I may not have been able to really taste how good my food was, but my tummy didn’t care either way. Food is food to my tummy, whether it tastes good or not. :)


It really is a shame my taste buds were numb because my lunch included an extra special surprise that was delivered yesterday.


I was the lucky winner of Heather’s Cherry Chocolate Scones in Bobbi’s Bake sale for a cause the other week.


Heather was sweet enough to send a few other goodies in addition to the scones.




I brought a scone to nibble on at lunch.


From what I could taste this scone was crumbly and chcolately, but I hate to give any real opinion until my mouth is in full working order. ;)

I also had a big beautiful salad of spinach, artichoke hearts, beets, mushrooms, and cheese.



Raspberry dressing for fork dipping.




No tongues were lost in the eating of this meal.;)


Eventually my mouth came to again and I treated myself to a small piece of office birthday cake. I was happy I could actually taste and enjoy this. ;)


Strawberries in the middle = my favorite! :)

T-minus 2 hours until the three day weekend begins!!! Yippee!!!

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