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I’m in Shape!

by Meghann on May 21, 2010

Page 150 of the June 2010 issue!

shape cover Shape Article

(By the way how hot is Kim Kardashian on the cover?!?)

I submitted my weight loss story to Shape ages ago and was contacted a few months ago for a follow up interview and photo session.

I think they did a great job with the article and I was pleased with the way the photo came out – cheesy grin and all. :)

Shape photo

I suggest all of you head to the stores right now and pick up a copy or two. TI also recommend contacting the editorial staff at Shape and letting them know you need to see more Meghann Anderson in the magazine! You know… if you have the time. ;) Just kidding!

I love Shape magazine and the success stories are always my favorite part of each issue. I love reading them for inspiration. If you would have told me a couple of years ago when I was out of shape and looking for ways to lose weight that I would one day be a ‘success story’ I would never have believed you. It was truly an honor to be featured.

Shape Article

My one gripe is the weekly workout schedule. Obviously I do more than 2 days of work out videos and 4 days of running, it was just hard to give any hard facts because my work out schedule is constantly revolving. When she interviewed me she asked what my routine was when I wasn’t training for a marathon or 50k. Honestly, my mind went blank! Now that I’m actually in off season I could give a better answer i.e. Running: 30 – 60 minutes / 4 days a week. Hot Yoga: 60 minutes/ 3 days a week. Strength training: 30 – 60 minutes/ 2 days a week. That’s much better. 

Anyways… Food!

Mid-morning snack – mixed nuts + cacao nibs + dried kiwi


Derek is working from home (aka my apartment) today and was sweet enough to take me out to lunch.


We NEVER get to have lunch together during the work week, so it was a NICE surprise. I think this one’s a keeper; don’t you think? ;)


We ate a restaurant I’ve been meaning to try in College Park called Harmoni. They have a mediterrean influenced menu and everything sounded so fresh and gourmet. Not sure why it took me so long to try this place!

We started with the Mediterranean NachosCrisp Pita with Red Hummus, Spicy Tzatziki, Harmoni Salsa, Kalamata Olives, Feta.


These were my kind of nachos! I was in hummus and tzatziki heaven. This was the perfect summer dish with the cool, fresh toppings and crispy pita. I would come back again and happily order this as my main meal over and over again. :)

For my meal I selected the Mediterrean Cobbtomato, red onion, egg, cilantro, olives, pecans, feta and avocado ranch on the side.


Another fabulous twist on a traditional dish.


The salad was light and refreshing, which ended up being perfect as I had stuffed myself silly with ‘nachos.’ ;)

I have another couple of hours of work before heading to the dreaded dentists office. I have a couple of cavities that need to be filled. I have no idea what I was thinking agreeing to a 4:00pm appointment on a Friday. :/

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